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You have arrived at the right place. A mystical corner of the web that delivers Kabbalah based tools for personal transformation.

As we find ourselves living in the darkest of times the call is becoming louder and louder to find the pathway to light.  The light of life, the light of goodness and joy, the light of our true selves and infinite possibilities. The most powerful impact you can make is to let Matisyahu Gorenyour True Self shine – because when you free your true self you liberate the whole WORLD.

That is why Matisyahu Goren of The Long Short Way and I have put together Shine ON! I will be doing a free webinar each Tuesday evening and Matisyahu will upload it as a podcast. Live with me. Archive with Matt.

Ready to shine? Simply fill in the form that applies to you and we will send you the self-registration link to the webinar.

It’s that simple.


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[one_half last=last] We’re passionate about what’s possible for all of us and hope we create something wonderful together.

Shine on,

Shimona and Matisyahu