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Can we call God…Goddess instead?

Home Forums Can we call God…Goddess instead?

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    Hello Shimona ~

    I have been so confused for so long now about what to call the Most High. I have turned away from the word God and I have literally suffered with pain, yet coming back into relationship with God and Goddess. I have gone from traditional Christianity calling God a He, to New Thought Spirituality calling God ‘it’, to Goddess spirituality calling God, Goddess and that SHE is the ultimate God and I have been in such a state of confusion even resisting calling God a ‘He’ or God because it leaves out the feminine and I am done with feeling God is a ‘He’ or more masculine. Isn’t the fulfillment of God, Goddess? Isn’t the divine fulfillment of our creator the fulfillment of the feminine which fulfills the feminine and masculine?

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