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Correcting too much 'reception' of something, instantly

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    Hello Shimona ~

    Glad to hear about this forum! Love it. I am curious too as I have been studying and practicing some Kabbalah for years now but have been wondering how to relieve myself of guilt from perceiving that I have received to much material assistance during a long transition period in my life, of literally fighting for my life from so much trauma. As a speaker and recording artist for the last 11+ years, the last two after I moved to LA have been so challenging. I have GIVEN so much spiritual assistance when others gave materially yet it did not balance the scales. Ex. I am relying on others right now for literal food and shelter and the guilt and physical pain is extreme. I have not learned to value my worth of who I am and what I give and have tried to heal it so many ways for over a year. How can I correct all this guilt, shame from so much ‘material reception’ even though I’ve given in intanglible ways that I have not convinced myself or them of? I have applied for countless jobs for so long and nothing works…I want to live and thive and live my purpose again. How can I heal my perspective of ‘receiving materially’ so my life force comes back and pain is relieved? God help:)

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