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    Sara Labowe

    Without niddah after menopause, how is passion continually renewed in marital intimacy?
    The use of the mikvah following Hashem’s commandment provided a boundary between husband and wife. This externally set boundary was kept in order to instill family purity and a sense of renewed passion in every marriage.
    Without the commandment to continue this practice after menopause, how is this passion renewed?
    I understand that for couples who have been married for many years, there is a sense of appreciation and wonder that is refined and is deeply ingrained since they’ve lived with each other for an entire married life. However, what about second marriages that take place after menopause? What about these relationships? What if these relationships are still young in terms of years married? I hope and pray that these marriages, in spite of fewer years together, still have a sense of appreciation and wonder. If so, how is it possible to create this without the bonds of nidda? Without a “rule” imposed upon the couple from the outside?

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