Meet the Method

Meet the Method

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A Taste of the Kabbalah Coach’s Transformational Program

So what is Kabbalah?  And how’s it going to help me?

This mini-course introduces you to Kabbalah and its relevance to our lives. Using a three-pronged approach to self-mastery, including memory of the past, vision for the future, and embracing the present, you will learn to ask core questions, like “Where am I?” and “What is life asking of me?” and discover the answers to living a purpose-driven, G-d-centric life.

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery.  If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, you can see the full curriculum here.


Welcome to The Method!

Our Meet the Method mini-course is the first of our two introductory courses.  It introduces the general approach of The Method and its core principles.

You can watch this introductory video to The Method as a whole. (Scroll down for the full description.)

Meet the Method describes three components to the process of self-mastery: memory of our past, vision for our future and the question we are continuously asking ourselves in the present moment.

It presents the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life as the legal and mystical framework for healing, and defines Kabbalah as connoting our ability to receive this knowledge and realign ourselves with the Tree of Life. 

Learn to differentiate between quick-fixes and lasting solutions; between paths that dissipate in the question, “What do I want of life?” and the transformational approach of The Method.  Begin living a more meaningful, purpose-driven and joyous life.


  • 2 video: Meet the Method Slideshow and Torah and New Age Thinking
  • 4 Suggested Steps: Where are you?, What is Life Asking of Me?, Memory and Vision, Creating a Clearing

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3 reviews for Meet the Method

  1. liad

    An excellent course

  2. Debbie (verified owner)

    The Method is a one of a kind teaching. I don’t usually like these kinds of products, but this one is truly amazing!

  3. Rochel

    The Method has opened me up to an entirely new way of looking at Chassidic teachings, probing the teachings in a new way and emerging with exceeding relevance to the struggle of the human condition.

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