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Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership



Live by the Light of the Moon

What could you gift the world with if you tapped into the Divine Power that moves the oceans? What might be possible if you could harness the light that illuminates the night?

Our Monthly membership program will guide you to take hold of the power of renewal the new moon ushers in each month and change the world for good.

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For as little as $7/month, a membership that program to inspire you, help you take action to make changes on the ground, and empower you to add light to world and lives of others.

Membership access includes the following modules:

  • Life and Living
  • Health and Healing
  • Energy of the Month
  • Insights on the Torah portion of the week


  • A live monthly webinar
  • Private member platform
  • Special discount offers

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This New Moon – Rosh Chodesh lectures are unavailable for month of Ov and Elul 5775



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