The Roadmap

The Roadmap

$69.47 for 1 year

The Power of the Purpose Quadrant

Do you have a hard time defining your goals? Do you find yourself avoiding the tasks that are most important to you or delaying the deadlines you set for yourself?

Discover a new approach to thinking about your life purpose and implementing your goals. This practical guide will give you tools to materialize your dreams and fill your life with renewed meaning.

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The Roadmap is our Actualization course.

As the finale of the Method courses, The Roadmap translates the core ideas of the Method into a practical, step-by-step guide for everyday life. It maps out the process of discovering your individual purpose in life and how to set idealistic but realistic goals. It explores the various exit strategies you tend to employ, in order to avoid accomplishing your goals and how to approach obstacles most productively. Finally, it guides you through creating a practical plan that will maximize your time and capabilities so that you can live your highest purpose. Using the Road Map, you’ll discover how to use this simple, clear and remarkably effective tool to gain clarity and direct your life.

The course includes:

  • 8 Audio Lesson: Questions on the Quadrants, Manifesting Goals, The Four Strategies, Questions on Exit Strategies, Struggling with Strategies, Strategies in Relationships, The Sticky Self in Time, Count your Days
  • 2 Coaching Calls: Gaining Power by Releasing Control, Defining Goals
  • 1 30-page Suggested Steps Workbook

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module.



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