Receive the Shluchos Gift Package

Hi ladies,

It’s always a pleasure and privilege to share in the Kinnus. Thanks for the opportunity.

Since the last session, I’ve had numerous shluchos ask me to receive the notes I prepared for the presentations as well as for more info about The Method.

So I spruced up my scribbled notes to be more user friendly and uploaded them along with a bunch of other things to a gift page for you.

The gift package includes:

  • The slideshow from the presentation on “Living with the Rebbe on Shlichus”
  • Notes from this and last year’s presentations
  • The Faith Under Fire lecture and accompanying booklet given in honor of Gabi and Rivky Holzberg Hy”d
  • Plus info on The Method for Shluchos

Fill in the form below to be added to a private Shluchos database and receive your link to the page. When you receive the link, enter password “iamashlucha”.

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Blessings abundant bakol mikol kol,

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