Outcomes of The Method

Lead a more purpose-driven life.

Discover the obstacles and steps to Healing.

Explore the landscape of the human psyche (we call it our Soul Map) and learn unique skills using the Sefirotic Hats technique.

Face the questions of Identity (“Who am I – really?”) and Purpose (“Why am I here?”)

Delve into the process of Creation as the blueprint for becoming unstuck, facing your Furthest Fears and discovering your Deepest Desires.

Examine the six factors of nature and nurture that define and bind us in Open Shut.

Develop the Vision necessary to meet your challenges and even use them to your advantage.

Explore the origins of self-exile and gain the tools to generate true Freedom.

Look at interpersonal relationships and develop the core principles for meaningful Connection.

Apply these principles through the Roadmap, bringing it all to full Actualization so that you can master yourself and repair the world.

Create a career as a Method practitioner by becoming a Certified Method Mentor and share the transformation with others.

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Don’t let the “what if’s,” and “if only’s” run your life.  I know this will make your life and the big, wide, wonderful world “out there” Brighter. Purer. Holier. Let’s do this.

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Praise for The Method

“I have used the Sefirotic Hats technique many times with my teenage son. You couldn’t do better sitting in a session with a therapist. It’s a must-have tool for parents.” 

“I am less judgmental and more respectful of others as a result of the program and having learned that everyone has an essential self…It’s intriguing and challenging to approach people in this way, to try and get to that significant part of another person.” 

“The program gives more depth to your every-day life. You realize that people and your interactions with them are significant.”

My intention in every audio file and course on our site, is to help you come home to your true self, create a meaningful and beautiful life and to bring more joy and holiness to the world.

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