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The Best Solution to Create and Sell Your Own Online Course

Get Your Voice Out There

If any of this applies to you, I believe you’ve come to the right place:

You have a message you want to share with the world
Maybe you’ve already created the content
But setting up your own online course feels daunting
And the cost of online hosting platforms is high
Or you feel you’re not reaching your audience

Look No Further! We’ve got you covered.

Here’s How It Happened

Our site was originally created as a platform for my online course, The Method For Self Mastery. Oh my word! To say it’s been rough ride is an understatement. Often I thought to myself, “Just give it up. Stop trying to take this to the next level.” But I was driven and despite the challenges I kept going.

Why though, I wondered, was it so unusually challenging? I know everything happens for a reason. I just didn’t know what it was.

And then it struck me! Share the technology. Who-HOO!

My learning curve seemed too steep for just me alone. But if it had happened so I could serve others then great! Bring it on. Then at one wonderful point perusing the back-end of our new site, I realized we could host guest teachers – and all the confusion about that learning curve melted right away. Here was the possibility to help others help others in an ever widening circle of learning and light.

Over time, friends and colleagues had asked me how they might duplicate what I was doing. When I shared the process with them, their enthusiasm kind of fizzled. The project was daunting. But no longer.

Here’s Why Our Platform Is The Best Solution For You

My intention in offering this platform to you is to solve the challenges I repeatedly heard coming up – time, skill and money. It had to be both super easyoutsourced and extremely economical for you to offer your content online to a large audience so you could keep the excitement and lose the fizzle.

What It Costs

You pay only for the time it takes to upload your content and set up your course using our super advanced technology. After that you pay 10% from whatever you sell. There’s no monthly fee. And no hidden costs.

Does that not sound great?! I KNOW!

Grow Your Audience and Begin Earning

Send us your content, we’ll upload it and invite you to check layout and flow before we go live. Then you’re ready to roll.

Your audience grows exponentially when you join – you’ll reach my entire following plus the database of each additional teacher. We all benefit from the abundance thinking. You can also select to allow for affiliate marketing. That means your percentage of earning will drop slightly per sale but you’ll be reaching way more customers.

Anyone who come to the site will be able to find your course under the “Guest Teachers” tab on our store. When customers buy or affiliates sell your content, you make money too. And for a fee, you can be interviewed and featured on the site.

Take Advantage of These Add-Ons

Want some help developing your course? Or refining one you already have? Or marketing it? We offer these optional paid add-ons.

Your Course

Always included, your content the way you designed it

Your Team

Hire us to help you brand and market your content

Your Training

Get training on how to create or refine your course

Your Feature

Have your course featured for the month

Let’s Do This

Cutting edge technology. Plus you. Plus us. It’s an awesome combo to get your message out to the world and generate income at the same time.