Shimona is one of the most creative and forward thinking educators I have worked with. I have collaborated with her on several projects and have always been impressed by her organization, professionalism and attention to detail.

Rick Magder, Telzstone Entertainment Corporation, NYC

Shimona has a rare combination of spiritual, intellectual, and creative gifts, and her talks are inspiring and thought-provoking. She is the kind of speaker who can change lives.

Stephanie Wellen Levine, Tufts University, Cambridge, MA

Shimona is simply a superb teacher. She has a unique way of bringing meaning to life experiences. She reaches people in a very individual way even when teaching to a large group. Her approach is modern even when her explanations root back to the ancient. I highly recommend listening to Shimona.

Bonnie Optekman, NBC News, CBSNYC

I would like to thank you for the presentations and workshops that I have attended over the past four years under your rich guidance. I have found your training in these situations to be professional, skillful and life-changing, touching different participants in unique ways.

Susan Hyde, Susan Hyde & Associates (Past National Program Manager and Trainer at Transnet)

Shimona throws out nuggets of wisdom that all of us can put in our pockets and live off for a few years. She speaks with confidence, providing her audience the same. Her audience is always engaged, entertained and enriched.

Tzvi Freeman,, Vancouver, Canada

I hired Shimona as a speaker whilst Dean of visual Arts, New World School of Arts in Miami. Shimona integrates creativity with deep knowledge and spiritual energies in public speaking, workshops, and retreats. Highly recommended!

Mel Alexenberg, Emuna College (Previously Columbia University, Pratt Institute, research fellow at MIT, and New World School of the Arts) Jerusalem

Thank you, Shimona!

Your coaching is impactful, wise and very intuitive. I find myself using and reusing the paradigms you gave me over and over in all different areas; even parenting and relating to my sons! It’s very deep work and yet simple and easy too.


I want you to know the impact your lectures had on me as a result of the seminar I attended in March. I am the president of a small brokerage firm. Since returning from from your classes three months ago, I have been empowered to bring in 3 new national accounts and have already doubled our billings over last year. Thank you.

Donna Adler, DLA & Associates LLCAtlanta, Georgia

Shimona is an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker and conveys deep meaning and inspiration in her talks. Her ability to paint concepts with words and touch the soul of her listeners creates a powerful, life changing experience for her listeners.

Brenda Smith , Peoplesmith Global Coaching, IncPittsburgh, PA

I have no words other than to say thank you , thank you ! You were awesome and you saw what happened after dinner ! Those girls and guys were holding on to your every word ! May G-d continue to bless you and guide you and your amazing teaching! Steve, Jodi and Gavin, JICNY

JICNY, Jewish International Connection NY

I attended a conference with Shimona Tzukernik in the summer of 2009. This conference featured some of the leading thinkers, orators, and writers of the American Jewish community. Shimona gave masterful presentations that electrified the audience and caused everyone to think deeply about the issues she presented. I consider Shimona a revolutionary thinker who has brought the depths and profundity of Jewish mysticism and Jewish wisdom to audiences of all persuasions. If I can be of any sort of assistance please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Rabbi Shmuley, Boteach, NJ

Shimona spent two days at a mastermind group meeting where many of us had the opportunity to speak. When Shimona spoke there was undivided attention paid to every word – she captivated the audience with her clear delivery and with her depth of wisdom. There was not a person in our group that would miss a presentation of Shimona’s. I hope you don’t either because it may change your thinking and ultimately for some your lives!

Bruce Clinton, BusinessWise, LLC

Dear Shimona, Third time is a charm! You first inspired our growing community back in 2009, you then joined again for a successful workshop in 2014 and now an amazing women’s Shabbaton!
Your warmth, knowledge and enthusiasm is appreciated by all and you’re so easy to work with!
We can’t wait for your next visit to big sky country!

Rabbi Chaim Bruk

Working with Shimona is always an enriching learning experience. She continues to amaze and inspire with her thought provoking talks. Her lectures are transformative, turning ideas into deeply felt experiences.

Levke Kaplan, DOO at JLI, Director of Torah Cafe

Hi Shimona, I don’t know how to thank you for the unbelievable workshops and lectures you gave at our spa for the soul?! This was the first time we did this event (I can’t say i wasn’t worried) but you truly were the icing on the cake.. The ladies don’t stop talking about it… you made the biggest difference for our community! Can’t wait to have you come again!

Hinda Silverman, Co-Director Chabad of Westport

I just want to thank you. As I’m getting ready mentally and spiritually (and of course cooking and cleaning too!) for the holiday, I realize that I am in such a better place then I was this time last year. I know there is much further to go, but thanks to you and G-d, I really feel different. I look forward to praying this year.


Dear Shimona, Thank you for a wonderful workshop last night. You and Mirele and Shoshana really inspired the women and got them all involved. It was a fun, informative and innovative program. Much success – and please continue to teach and inspire women always! We loved it!

Rivka Kugel, Assistant Director Chabad of West Side

The Method has really saved me, my sanity and my conscious connection to Gd throughout all the challenging times my family has been through over the last few years. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what your teachings offer in the courses. I’m eager to pick it up again to drink in more. Thank you for all you are and do for me.


Shimona’s wisdom, knowledge and education all has a light infused within. Shimona is such a powerful, authentic educator! She is a truly gifted Jewish historian and speaker and touches the heart and mind of her audiences with heartfelt authenticity. Those unique qualities combined with the ability to address today’s struggles, questions, and perceptions makes for one gifted scholar in residence. I could go on.

SC, Rancho Mirage, CA

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for a most amazing weekend. I think everyone found it thought provoking and enjoyable as well…Sincerely, Miriam

Miriam Gopin, Co-Director Chabad of Hartford

Shimona you are a treasure!

I am getting unbelievable feedback from your lecture! Everyone was blown away! I find it so interesting how every person took away a different nugget. Everyone was personally touched by your inspiration.

It is very rare to have an event where every participant feels connected. You have a gift and I am so grateful that you shared it with us.

Many many thanks.

Sara Wolf, Bedford

Thank you, Shimona!

Your coaching is impactful, wise and very intuitive. I find myself using and reusing the paradigms you gave me over and over in all different areas; even parenting and relating to my sons! It’s very deep work and yet simple and easy too.

Andrea, Atlanta

The ladies from Irvine had an earth shattering experience that night and loved every minute of it. Keep inspiring people.
(The hostess who held an earthquake! 😉 )

Binie Tennenbaum, Irvine CA

Shimona, I heard rave reviews of yesterdays session. Both event chairs…texted me to say how well they thought it went. It was appreciated by both groups of women, those who have been studying and those who had their first taste. I hope to do it more often…Thanks so much.

Dina Kantor, Westport CT

I have heard Shimona speak several times. Each time I marvel on her ability to eloquently transmit a deep mystical message to the common lay person. Shimona’s style is intellectually stimulating as well as flowing and artistic in description. Shimona is extremely insightful and intuitive in her ability to aces and help resolve personal issues. My wife and I feel blessed to call Shimona a personal friend and an inspiration.

Amichai Cohen, Director Live Kabbalah, Founder Earth & Air Winery

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your inspiring wisdom throughout the retreat. Your heartfelt words resonated deeply, and your strength and pride in being a Jewish woman made a huge impression on all of us. I came back inspired with new resolve and commitment to my roots. You are truly a light – I can’t thank you enough! I hope to keep in touch.

Erica Zviklin, NJ

Shimona is a class act! She weaves her intelligence, artistic talents, perceptive senses and depth and breadth of knowledge into remarkable, original tapestries. She is an essential ingredient in any program.

Molly Resnik, Director MATCKH

Shimona is a truly gifted and inspired teacher who always makes learning a profoundly personal and stimulating experience. She manages to combine presenting an enormous amount of material with a very entertaining and engaging style that leaves you not only hanging onto every word but wanting to retain and record each one as well. Her topics are deep and relevant, culled primarily from Biblical and mystical teachings but integrating these lessons with current trends in psychology and focusing on personal growth. Shimona isn’t afraid to bring her own real life experiences and her personal struggles for authenticity and transcendence to the table. In doing so, she pulls all of us along with her.

Bracha Meshchaninov, Founder Women's TLC and Tiferet Movement

Shimona spoke at our centre at Ohio State University and we were extremely pleased, but even more importantly the students adored her. She was captivating and inspiring and related extremely well to the modern day college crowd. She conveyed very spiritual ideas in a very practical way that made it applicable to the audience, and the girls were truly moved by her presentation. I was so happy to have her, in fact I am now learning privately with a girl as a direct result of Shimona’s words.

Sara Deitsch, Co-Director Schottenstein Chabad House

I just wanted to thank you for another amazing retreat!!! This is my second retreat and for sure not my last one. I know the amount of hard work and effort that went into it…A Superb Job!! May G-d give you the strength to continue transforming lives. I have to commend everyone who gave classes this year as the learning was excellent, and quite diverse…It was nice to see new faces and familiar faces. It is refreshing to connect to so many people from all different backgrounds. The place was spectacular. I returned home from the retreat feeling rejuvenated and elevated. The spark of Chassidut continues to amaze me and the learning keeps getting better and better.

Nancy Hilsenrath, Owner Hilsenrath Counseling

Your lecture (at the Atara conference) was beyond brilliant, and was the buzz for some time…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Miriam Leah, Director Atara

Thank you so much for the inspirational, insightful and possibly life changing talk last night. I really enjoyed it and came away with a feeling of inner peace and power. I would love to discuss more issues with you.

Jamie Felberman, Johannesburg, SA

We have hired Shimona to speak several times and she left a strong impact on the audience. Her art workshop featured creative and thoughtful concepts, and her public lectures were entertaining and thought-provoking. We highly recommend her.

Nechama Prus, Ibis Consulting Group

Wonderful response to your talks – people loved it! Your energy is amazing and so too your willingness to go the extra mile.

Devorah Leah Shmotkin

Just wanted to let you know that people have been calling me all morning to let me know how much they enjoyed you. They loved your insights and stories and for my community, your friendliness and openness went a long way. You were really inspiring. They loved you. Thank you again.

Matty Bryski, Agoura Hills, CA

Thank you so much for the amazing evening! The women really enjoyed it, we got lots of positive feedback.

Naomi Gershovitz, Tennafly, NJ

Your writings are so utterly beautiful and touching and meaningful and deep. I am awed by you! Thanks!

Yehudis Cohen, Editor Lechaim, Assistant Principal Machon L'Yehadus

Reading your articles on the internet. They are really incredible. Raw and yet sophisticated.

Rachel, Orlando, FL

Your summer retreat gave us the Deepest Torah, the Sweetest friendships, the Best Food, the Truest Self and the secrets to elevate it all. A life changing experience.

Dena Crane, Freelance parenting educator and family mediator and trainer