How Does It Work

The Method Behind The Method and Our Semester Outline

We are subtle and complex. To bring about lasting change, we need to attend to each aspect of our makeup. The Method employs a range of approaches to cater to the four dimensions of human intelligence:

Spiritual Intelligence

SQ offers a glimpse into the world beyond reason. It is experienced through contemplative exercises which average 20 minutes and include the meditation plus an explanatory lesson.

Intellectual Intelligence

IQ explores texts, teachings and fresh ways of understanding ancient wisdom. It is experienced through video and audio lessons. These lessons average 30 minutes.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ draws the ideas into our heart. It is experienced through archived coaching plus (for The Guided Method members) a live weekly one-hour webinar. The archives average 20 minutes.

Behavioral Intelligence

BQ helps you apply these ideas through user-friendly and actionable exercises. It is experienced through Suggested Steps and member interaction. This is where you “become” The Method.

What Others Are Saying

1 Year, 4 Semesters, 20 Courses

The Method is comprised of 20 courses that culminate with the potential of becoming a certified Method Mentor. They include the contemplative meditations (SQ), videos and audio lectures (IQ), archived coaching calls (EQ) and Suggested Steps (BQ) outlined above. For those enrolled in our premium Group Coaching program, there is also a weekly webinar.

Here are the semesters, courses and individual modules:

Semester 1: SOUL MAP

Cover the basics of the mystical map, the Tree of Life, and what it has to do with your life. You will also explore how to become Unwoundable so that you can live your highest purpose.

Meet the Method, ­­­Obstacles and Steps to Healing

Soul Map:
Tree of Life, Healthy Attributes, Sefirotic Hats

Iffy-Sticky Self, Dual Identity, False-Real-True

Semester 2: SOUL QUEST

Learn about identify and purpose. You will also discover your Furthest Fears and Deepest Desires, what’s limiting you from within and without, and how to free yourself of those limitations.

Action Arena, Mindfulness, Purpose

Creation, Chaos, Do Think

Open Shut 1 – Beyond Nurture, Open Shut 2 – Beyond Nature

Semester 3: SOUL TO SOUL

Begin by exploring how to slow down and stop self-sabotaging because of ambition-on-overdrive. Then meet the members of your inner tribe, learning to create peace between your parts. And then…tarraa!…take all you have learned till now and begin to apply these teachings to your relationships – with yourself, your loved ones and your Creator.

Talent Trap, Tribe Work

Relationship Matters

Semester 5: SOUL PURPOSE

Bring it all together with the Roadmap, a course about manifesting everything you’ve learned. You will learn how to use the Purpose Quadrant to direct your life along with a remarkable segment on time management. Together we will formulate your personal Road Map for happiness, creativity, productivity, health and more – all with an eye to the contribution you make to others.

The Road Map

Semester 5 & 6: SOUL MISSION

Once you’ve completed the program, you have the option to enroll in a certification program to become a certified Method Mentor. (Mentor training is not included in The Method basic courses.)