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Lecture Topics

For over twenty years Shimona has shared her wisdom on a range of topics with tens of thousands of people across the globe. People consistently thank her for “the lecture of a lifetime.” She is renowned for her vast knowledge of Kabbalah and her remarkable ability to make it relevant to people’s every-day lives.

Rick Magder of Telzstone Entertainment Corporation has this to say about her, “Shimona is one of the most creative and forward thinking educators in the Jewish world today.”

If you’re booking Shimona to share at your event, go ahead and select from the sampling of topics below. Alternatively create your own title. If a title is followed by an L it is available as a Lecture only.  If followed by L/W it is available in both lecture and workshop format.

Out of the Box

How Ancient Mysticism Can Help Us Overcome Limiting Thoughts and Behaviors.  Shine a light on what you can do to get UnBoxed and dismantle the barriers that hold us all back from a brighter future – one limiting thought at a time. L

Radical Reinvention

Examines the inborn and environmental factors that bind us; and how we can break out of our limited ways of being to access our infinite potential. L/W

Faith Under Fire

Offers inspiration and insight on how to maintain faith in the face of adversity.  It also addresses the power of the mind to shape our lives. L

Gender Blender

Explores what drives the attraction between a man and a woman and why we feel compelled to seek out relationships.  Participants discover what it takes to find one’s soul-mate – married or not! L/W

Joy is an Inside Job

Examines the nature of true happiness, plotting a course to help individuals live their lives with joy and inner peace – and inspire others along the way? L/W

Beauty of the Beast

Analyses body image, the media and the power of women.  It gets participants past the usual hype of self-image, “inner beauty”, and the social mirror to arrive at a working definition of beauty. L/W

Well Over the Past

Helps listeners get over the past and even transform it into a vital part of today? L

7 Foods for 7 Habits

Presents seven tools and steps to define, refine and actualize personal goals based on the seven species of the Holy Land.  (Also available as a Mystical Tu B’Shvat Seder celebrating birth and renewal, the environment and the soul.) L/W

Clean – The Power of One to Break Addiction

In this lecture we explore how a relationship with G-d has the power to heal us of our addictions. L

Extrinsic Motivation – A Means to Internal Success, Meaning and Eternal Joy

Our common perception is that internal motivation is the most potent driving force for success.  In this lecture we’ll look at how focusing on a source outside of ourselves has the power to transform our lives and the world at large. L

Do We Need Religion to Be Good People?

Examine whether morality is dependent on religion and whether you can be good without G-d. L

Forgive for Good

Gets to the underbelly of resentment and guides participants how to fulfill the mandate to forgive. L/W

Moms – The Magic and the Madness

Offers insights on our highly complex relationships with our moms.  Participants what it means to honor their mother, how to heal any hurts and build on all the good they have received. L

Parenting from the Inside Out

Presents profound and unique tools for parenting with passion and success. L

Kosher Feng Shui – The Kabbalah of Interior Décor

Applies the wisdom of Kabbalah to interior décor. Through mystical maps and ancient guidelines, Shimona guides participants to re-envision both their home and inner self.

1+1 = 1 (Or Learning to Like the People you Love)

Reveals our underlying connection with others; celebrates diversity and shares how to love others as ourselves. L

Will the Real Jewish Woman Stand Up?

Systematically challenges the assumptions that lie behind society’s discomfort with the role of women in Jewish life, and offers a dynamic, vital picture in its place. L

Soul Flames

Explores the Shabbat candles and their correspondence to the soul. L/W

The Kabbalah of Intimacy

Imparts what G-d and our sages have to say about the most intimate aspect of the relationship between husband and wife. L

The Waters that Keep the Fires Burning

Plumbs the depth of the mitzvah of Mikva from a legal, psychological, and mystical perspective, with stories and an emphasis  on its impact on our lives today. L/W

Helpmates, Harlots or Heroines – Deconstructing Biblical Stereotypes

Presents the feminine presence in the Bible, showing how the lives of Biblical women speak to women today. L

Skeletons in the Closet

Explains the real meaning of the mysterious encounters between Biblical men and women and their relevance to our lives today. L

How to Find your Soul Mate

Helps singles gain insights on dating and marriage and meet in a new, relaxed and meaningful way. L/W

Partner in the Dynamic of Creation

Gives participants an understanding of the creative process, its relationship to spirituality and our universal partnership with God in bringing the world to its completion. (The lecture format for this workshop is titled, “Life as Art.”) L/W

Twelve Passages for Personal Growth

Provides transformational insights on how to re-parent our inner child and educate our own children with greater joy and effectiveness. L/W

Inner Vision Seminar

Delineates the inner landscape of the soul, offering insights and tools for being our highest self. W

7 Habits of Jewish Effectiveness

Uses Torah tools to defines and actualize personal goals and values. L/W

The Artistry of the Jewish Woman

Uncovers the beauty and relevance of the three commandments of Jewish women. L/W

Good for Nothing

Analyses whether kindness is latent is acquired and whether Judaism prescribes going beyond one’s comfort zone or doing acts of kindness with ulterior motives. L

Contemplation and Healing through Prayer

Explores the dynamics of prayer at both a personal and cosmic level.  It demonstrates how prayer repairs the soul, aligns one’s thinking and heals the heart. L

More than a Bad Hair Day

Presents mystical insights, stories and sociological perspectives on why Jewish women cover their hair. L

Don’t Divorce your Life

Presents insights and advice on how to deal with personal challenges and when – or when not – to leave a difficult situation. L

From the Plains of Moab to the House of David

Plots Ruth’s journey from darkness to light and guides us as to how to deal with our own challenges and darker side. L

Dove in a Golden Cage

Presents Esther, a hidden queen whose life and courage changed the course of our nation in a unique and inspirational way. L

The Kabbalah of Nutrition

Presents a Jewish perspective on eating and Torah tools that facilitate a healthy relationship with food. L

The Royal Feast

Soul-Food or Body’s Banquet? Analyses the mystical significance of the traditional Friday night meal and its correspondence to the meal of the Messianic era. L

Wor(l)d Perfect

Looks at the psychology of slander and gossip in a whole new way. L

Transcending the Mi-nute

Insights into time-management and clarifying our purpose in life. L

Putting the “U” Back in J-daism

Addresses how you fit in to the cosmic scheme; the delicate balance between the individual and the group; and whether surrender to a higher Power can enhance your life. L

Who Am I

Explains the concept of faith from the perspective of Judaism.  In defining both what “faith” and “G-d” mean, it gives listeners a grip on some of the most important concepts in Jewish thought. L

The Breath of Life

Presents the Torah’s attitude to sanctity of life, murder, euthanasia, abortion and the importance of each individual. L

For Love or Money

Examines Judaism’s attitude towards money and property; their relationship to spiritual and physical fulfillment and how that all fits in with our cosmic purpose. L

Finding Rest in a 24/7 World

Uncovers the reason we’re driven to work; examines the deeper dimension of Shabbat and encourages the audience to move beyond the “human doing” of the week and connect with their “human being.” L

Clay in a Potters Hand

Addresses freedom of choice.  It invites listeners to think about whether we are victims of circumstance or forgers of our own paths. L

Behold. A Dreamer Comes

Opens up the world of dreams to the audience, addressing what dreams are made of and what to make of “day dreams.”

“Shimona has a rare combination of spiritual, intellectual, and creative gifts…She is the kind of speaker who can change lives.”  Stephanie Wallen Levine, author and lecturer at Tufts University

“Shimona is a revolutionary thinker who has brought the depths of jewish mysticism and wisdom to audiences of all persuasions.” Shmuley Boteach,“America’s Rabbi” and Oprah Radio Host ”