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Shimona For over twenty years Shimona has shared her wisdom on a range of topics with tens of thousands of people across the globe. People consistently thank her for “the lecture of a lifetime.” She is renowned for her vast knowledge of Kabbalah and her remarkable ability to make it relevant to people’s every-day lives.

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Living the Tree of Life

“Living the Tree of Life” reveals a complete picture of the human personality based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It offers what you might think of as a mystical Myers Briggs test, guiding participants through the personality assessment and a practical application of the principles so they walk away with concepts and tools to live each day to its fullest.

Out of the Box

Despite our sincere efforts to grow and change, we all sometimes feel we are hitting a brick wall. “Out of the Box” posits that the problem is often not something external blocking our way, but what’s holding us back inside. Participants are guided through the six core factors that hold us back, and how to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviors. “Get unboxed” and dismantle the barriers that hold us all back from a brighter future – one limiting thought at a time.

Joy is an Inside Job

“Joy is an Inside Job” springs from the understanding that as much as we all pursue happiness, it constantly seems to allude us. Perhaps it is because we’re trying too hard, that it’s precisely our obsession with feeling good that has us all miserable. Or even that we don’t know what happiness really is. The audience is taken on a journey to the core of what joy is about so they can discover how to hold on to it despite the challenges that life may bring your way. Through poignant and humorous stories and profound insights, “Joy is an Inside Job” empowers participants to live life with contentment, inner peace and joy.

Well Over the Past

We all have aspects of our past we wish we could change, even if it’s only regret for what we did not do. Often we want to move beyond a resentment but find letting go is not that easy. “Well Over the Past” shines a light on forgiveness in a way that opens one’s heart and life to move forward. It also presents an actionable framework to help participants deal with regret and perceived (or actual) failures, get over the past and transform it into a vital part of their present and future.

Kabbalah Based Cognitive Meditation

What might be possible if you could master your mind? Despite our incessantly recycled thoughts and aimless wanderings, we can direct the flow of consciousness. “Kabbalah Based Cognitive Meditation” flows from the idea that meditation is not just a means of relaxation. It affords us focus and introspection so we we can access the inner essence of all things. The lecture covers these key concepts and includes a guided meditation followed by group discussion.

Clean – The Power of One to Heal Addiction

Acknowledging powerlessness is the first of the 12 Steps. But is there a principle that precedes even Step 1, an idea that gets to the root of why we become addicts? “Clean” presents a fresh take on addiction, exploring the spiritual roots of addiction and why a relationship with our Higher Power has the power to heal us of our compulsions.

Extrinsic Motivation – A Means to Internal Success, Meaning and Eternal Joy

“Extrinsic Motivation” challenges the common perception that internal motivation is the most potent driving force for success.  The lecture look at the benefits of and need for both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, clarifying how being inspired by a source outside of ourselves has the power to transform our lives and the world at large.

Forgive for Good

We all have aspects of our past we wish we could change, even if it’s only regret for what we did not do. And often we want to move beyond resentment but find that letting go is not that easy. “Forgive for Good” guides participants through the murky waters of animosity, hatred, dissatisfaction and indignation to the underbelly of resentment – and how to attain the peace that comes with forgiveness. We can get over the past and even transform it into a vital part of today.

Beauty of the Beast

“Beauty of the Beast” is an inspirational and thought provoking analysis of beauty, the media and the power of women. It addresses anyone struggling with body image or frustrated by the portrayal of women in the media, anyone who has ever wondered what beauty is – and how to come to terms with all we find “ugly” in others and ourselves. The lecture gets participants past the usual hype of self-image, “inner beauty”, and the social mirror to arrive at a working definition of beauty, offering up fresh signposts on the journey to wholeness and inner peace.

Faith Under Fire

“Faith Under Fire” ponders how we are to find meaning in moments of crises, and what tools can we employ to manage those dark times. It explores the distinction between pain and suffering, and the role of faith in the face of adversity. Drawing on philosophical, spiritual and psychological teachings (fleshed out with stories to bring it all home,) the audience is offering guidance on how to navigate in the dark – and even convert it to light.

Gender Blender

All over the world people struggle to find their soul mate. Or are married but don’t feel the joy they anticipated – to say the least. “Gender Blender” explores what drives the attraction between the sexes and why we feel compelled to seek out relationships in the first place. Participants discover what it takes to find one’s soul-mate or deepen their connection with their spouse and make a conscious marriage possible. It also outlines the Relationship Cube – a Kabbalistic tool to foster intimacy, peace and joy.

Contemplation and Healing through Prayer

Prayer is a mystery. Both to skeptics and believers. “Contemplation and Healing Through Prayer” speaks to all who wonder how it works, and to those whose prayer lacks meaning or inspiration. The science of prayer, its soul, stories and actionable suggestions help audiences discover how prayer is relevant to their life; and has the capacity to both take one inward to self knowledge and mastery as well as upward in an intimate union with G-d.

The Kabbalah of Nutrition

“The Kabbalah of Nutrition” presents a mystical perspective on eating that reveal why food has such a hold on us and unpacks our emotional relationship with food, practical advice on health and nutrition, and tools that facilitate a healthy relationship with food.

The Kabbalah of Interior Design

There’s more to beautiful living spaces than masterful aesthetics. “The Kabbalah of Interior Design” applies ancient wisdom to the spaces we inhabit. It articulates the correlation between body, soul and home in a way that enables others to re-envision their living and work spaces as well as their inner spiritual landscape.

The Sacred and the Sexual

The sexual drive, alongside that for money and food, has a remarkably powerful hold on us. Why? And how can we channel that drive in the best way? “The Sacred and the Sexual” sheds light on the subject in ways that allow for a transformational reframing of our perspective on intimacy.

Learning to Like the People you Love

Most of us have a hard time liking the people we love. And we find ourselves in relationships which have their fair share of expectation, resentment, tension, or conflict. “Like the People you Love” addresses our underlying and innate connection with others; the way we define self-worth; and plots a path to truly celebrating diversity as it sheds light on how to love others as ourselves.

Moms – The Magic and the Madness

Mom – the word evokes our deepest feelings. Love, joy, safety…But also often sadness, resentment, abandonment…It is a complex relationship. “Moms- the Magic and the Madness” offers unusual insight on our connection with our mothers. Participants discover how to let go of past hurts, build on the good they have received, embrace their mothers, become the mother to their own inner child and thereby heal their own selves.

Parenting from the Inside Out

“Parenting from the Inside Out” presents profound and unique tools for parenting with passion, purpose and success. It asks what some of the most important values to instill in our children are and how we can transmit those messages effectively. The lecture helps parents identify their child’s needs and the unique gifts they have to offer. Along the way, they discover ways to liberate their own inner child.

7 Foods for 7 Habits

“7 Foods for 7 Habits” explores seven dimensions of your personality through the lens of 2 grains and 5 fruits. Participants examine these foods as a paradigm for cultivating inner peace. This foundation of personal mastery becomes the springboard for a discussion about global change and peace. Rich in actionable tools, the lecture lays out a step-by-step program to define, refine and actualize personal goals.  (Also available as a Mystical Tu B’Shvat Seder celebrating birth and renewal, the environment and the soul.)

Do We Need Religion to Be Good People?

Can you be good without G-d? Some people insist that their goodness has nothing to do with “Divine” rules. Others believe the only “good” people are those who practice religion – and in exactly the same way as they do. “Do We Need Religion to be Good People” debunks our notions of goodness, morality, and religion, offering up a different take on ego and altruism and opening a window onto living beyond your Self.

Behold, a Dreamer Comes

Dreams hold secrets some of which shine with light and others that take us into the dark recesses of our unconscious. How can we access their messages? “Behold, a Dreamer” opens up the world of dreams from a mystical perspective, addressing what dreams are made of, how (and when) to interpret them, and what to make of “day dreams.”

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