How do I access my course material?

Welcome to the Kabbalah Coach Community.
If you’re having difficulty accessing your content, first thing to do is check that you’re logged in before you to access your course. Here’s a guide to getting started:Here are a few guidelines and accompanying screenshots that will help you access your content:
  • You must be logged in to see your Courses. Here’s a screenshot of where you log in:


  • Once logged in, you can also access your forums by clicking on the “Member’s Area” link in the top menu. When you hover over the member area, a list of your courses will come up. Or you can click on it and your courses page will open up. Here’s what the Member Area tab looks like once you’ve logged in:


  • Scroll down to find your list of Courses. Click on either “List of courses you have purchased” or “Active courses.” (The latter will take you directly to any course you are currently working on. I understand that at the moment you don’t yet have an active course.) While you’re there, you can also check out our Free Advice Forum. It’s available to all site members and was just reactivated. Each week, Shimona will choose one question to answer. Here’s a screenshot of that from the same “Member Area” page:



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