25 Jan 2013

7 Foods for 7 Habits: A Step by Step Guide to the Mystic Meal and Life’s Journey


Take your Tu B’Shvat Seder to the Next Level


Long before eco-awareness became a hot topic, Jews have been celebrating the earth and all it grows. We gain mindfulness through the blessings we say on food, the laws of non-wastefulness and more. Most notably, Jews celebrate their own “Arbor Day.” It’s called Tu B’Shvat which literally means the fifteenth day of the month of Shvat. On this day, despite the wintry snow still covering the ground, our sages tell us that the sap in the roots begins to rise in anticipation of Spring. We celebrate all growing things but most notably, the seven grains and fruits for which the Holy Land is praised.

Both the earth and the produce it gives forth is metaphoric of the landscape of our own being. It is this theme that I explore in my video below:

7 Foods for 7 Habits

7 Foods for 7 Habits explores the seven dimensions of your personality through the lens of the grains and fruits for which the Holy Land is renowned.

Following the flow of the verse that praises these seven foods, we gain access to a unique and mystical path of Divine service. Wheat, barley, pomegranates, figs and the other fruits become a template for cultivating peace between our darker and our luminous selves; redefining our relationship with the material world and forging a way through the challenges life brings.

As you follow the steps, you will find that personal mastery and serenity have a ripple effect, becoming a springboard for global change and peace.

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