18 Jan 2017

Annual Day of Kabbalah


A Day Devoted to the Zoharic Passage About
“The Beautiful Maiden Without Eyes”

Hosted by Rabbi Naftali Citron and the Carlebach Shul

Day.Kabbalah.JCCJoin us for this amazing day of learning that combines academic excellence with spiritual vitality–an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your personal journey and expand your understanding of the deep truths embedded in everyday life.

The zoharic parable about a beautiful maiden without eyes will serve as a touchstone to explore the nature of mystery, awareness of the Divine through text, secret love, mystical union and meditation. Professor Moshe Idel, Emeritus Professor of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University, and Senior Researcher, Shalom Hartman Institute, returns as keynote speaker.

I’ll be speaking on the following topics:

Donkey Drivers, Snakes, Eagles and Blind Maidens: Going Beyond Metaphors in the Zohar and in Our Own Lives

Rich images abound in the Zohar and particularly in the stories surrounding our theme today. In this workshop we will use the classic Jewish methodology for text study called PaRDes to take a closer look at the levels of meaning found in the metaphors encountered in the Zohar vol. II, 94a – 99b. And in the same way we search for deeper meaning in the various layers of text, we can apply metaphors to our own lives. How can we dip beneath the surface and learn to read between and beneath the lines of our personal experience to discover more clarity, alignment and awareness?

Without Eyes: What Does it Mean to See and Be Seen?

Being without eyes is a state that can evoke feelings of fear or vulnerability. Surprisingly, it is also a theme that appears in the wisdom literature of many cultures and religions and Jewish texts abound with examples. In the Zohar we read about the blind maiden and in the Talmud, we see a story rabbis seeking out a blind sage. Together, we’ll explore what this might imply. Do we only “see” with our eyes? How do we “see” others in our lives? What is the healing that can take place in our lives when we feel we are “seen” by others?

Other teachers include: Dr. David Ariel, Rabbi DovBer Pinson, Rabbi Naftali CitronDr. Nathaniel Berman and Chaya Rivka Zwolinski.

  • Sessions are geared to both beginners and more advanced students.
  • Sun, Jan 29, 10 am–5 pm (breakfast at 9:30 am)
  • $50 in advance, $60 at the door
  • Kosher lunch available for purchase.

Cosponsored by the Carlebach Shul and supported by Fellowship in Prayer and friends of the Day of Kabbalah.

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