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The Method Semester 1

The Method Semester 1

$360.00 for 6 months


In those rare quiet moments, does your back-burner life creep up on you? Do the “what if’s,” and “if only’s” make you restless, wondering what might happen if you really did pursue your deepest desires? You sense a reservoir of untapped potential within yourself. And you’ve spent time and money trying to access it – yet things remain the same. You’re finding a lot of inspiration out there…But very little transformation.

ENTER The Method! Rooted in ancient mystical teachings, The Method for Self-Mastery is a practical approach to personal transformation.

Semester 1: SOUL MAP flays open the Tree of Life, revealing what it has to do with your life. You’ll learn about how your heart and mind interact, why you sabotage yourself and practical, life-changing tools that show you how to uncover the answers you seek within yourself. You’ll also learn to become Unwoundable so that you can live your highest purpose.

The semester includes 8 modules to change your life for good.

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The Method: Semester 1

This semester is for novices and savants alike. You will study and experience the Tree of Life in a remarkably profound, refreshing and practical way. Participation is for women only.

The SOUL MAP Semester incorporates the following courses:
  • 8 live webinars of 1 hour each (You get to process The Method with Shimona with personal coaching and through watching others being coached too.)
  • 52 lessons including:
    • Slideshows
    • Audio Lessons
    • Audio Coaching Archives
    • Meditations
    • Suggested Steps Worksheets
  • Private member platform where Shimona addresses your questions and you get to interact with other participants
  • Premium membership 10% site-wide discount including private coaching with Shimona (excludes retreats)
  • Content is accessible for 6 months. (When you join for Semester 2, access to Semester 1 is extended.)
  • Webinar archives posted to the member site the day after they are held.
Webinar Times
  • 8:30 pm on Wednesday evenings (ET)
Webinar Dates
  • 24 Shevat, Jan 30
  • 8 Adar l, Feb 13
  • 22 Adar l, Feb 27
  • 6 Adar ll, Mar 13
  • 20 Adar ll, March 27
  • 5 Nissan, April 10
  • 19 Nissan, April 24
  • 3 Iyar, May 8

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