Jerry Jofen Calligraphy
4 Apr 2016

Jerry Jofen Happening Fuses Magical with Mundane


Tibetan-Iconographic-Flavored Kabbalistic Creations Explore our Collective Wanderings

Jerry Jofen CalligraphyThe collages and paintings of Jerry Jofen evoke the complexity and subtlety of life. Arranged layer upon layer they capture our physical and internal wanderings. The multi-dimensional superimpositions also serve to dissolve time and space thereby spirituality physical reality.

Writer and curator Klaus Kertess said of Jerry’s collages, “(They) are diaries of homelessness and displacements. He gathered leftovers from Manhattan’s streets, held them together by staples. This putting together of the found and discarded parallel the serendipity of immigrant life. His collages are diaries of displacement.”

Jonas Mekas, writing in “The Village Voice,” echoed this idea when he said of Jerry’s film Voyage, “The film is marked by an almost mystic drive towards pure motion, color, light experience. (It was) 40 minutes of most beautiful, spiritual, almost heavenly cinema experience.”

The Old City Jewish Art Center in Philadelphia, is pleased to present an exhibition of work by Jerry Jofen that is also a collage of sorts. The show will run from May 6 – April 2. It will feature both image, film, lectures and workshops by a variety of presenters.

The Center intends to create an exhibition that captures both these underlying themes of Jofen’s work: That of homelessness, wanderings and emerging from exile. And of making the mundane magical, spiritualizing the physical.

To these ends, the show will display collages ranging from the 1960’s to the 1970’s. It will also feature the movies: “Voyage” and “We’re Getting On.” Jerry’s wife Ellen will share her memories of Jerry’s making his art work. And I’ll be presenting a workshop on “Storytelling, Culture and Revolution.”

The show opens on May 6. Sunday night, May 8th marks Jerry’s 23rd yahrtzeit. For more info, click here.

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