21 Sep 2014

Make Peace with the Stranger Within You


290.resizedHere are two ways you can begin to access G-d as G-d IS…beyond us…beyond even the paradigms of finite and infinite:

Let Go of your Hold on Distinctions

Bind yourself with someone else without making distinctions. WHO you TRULY are is more like others than unlike them. At the core, we are one (albeit (mystery) unique individuals.) So practice letting go of attachment to clever/simple, wealthy/poor, strong/weak. Look for the essential Divine point in the other. It’s right there. It’s so close to the surface. It can emerge even by your simply being mindful that it’s there.

Make Peace with the Stranger Within

Begin to work on impacting the “stranger” within. In The Method we use Tribe Work to make peace between our different parts, First you need to quieten the judgement and listen to the voice that has been buried, the alien(ated) part. Then try to give that part a name. Once heard, the part will soften. You can “sweeten the severity” as you find the good point within that stranger. In so doing, you become able to reach the “stranger” without. This internal and collective unity enables you to access the Unity Above.

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