Happy New You
29 Sep 2014

A New Year Package to Awaken and Inspire You!


Happy New YouThe Happy New You High Holiday Package has been growing daily.

Over the past week I’ve added two live teleconferences – one on The Healing Power of Forgiveness (in time for Yom Kippur) and the other on Delivering Joy (right on time for Sukkot.)

I also added a high res image of a heart opening work of art by Michael Hafftka. (AND – thank you Michael – he is offering 15% off any of his work to HNY participants.)

Also included is a beautiful song from Rachel Ravitz called This is my Beloved. (Thank YOU Rachel!) It is a perfect complement to some of the teachings about awakening hidden love for G-d.

In addition, I’ve created two new meditations for you. One is called the Equanimity Meditation and the other the Hush Meditation. (As its name suggests, the Hush Meditation will help you access that part of your awareness that transcends your rational mind. It will also train you to quieten your mind; and create energetic balance between love-and-restraint and between perseverance-and-humility.)

Finally, the HNY Package includes access to the Kabbalah Coach Community forum where you can dialogue and interact with other group members.

Interested? You can purchase Happy New You here.

Still undecided? Here’s a run down of what you get. All for $144.

Happy New You Course Outline

Elul Package

  1. Elul Digest of articles – includes laws, Suggested Steps, and articles
  2. 3 Elul Videos
  3. The Opportunity of Elul: Cycles, Seasons and Finding Balance (mp3)
  4. Equanimity Meditation (mp3)
  5. This is my Beloved: Song by Rachel Ravitz

Rosh Hashanah Package

  1. Rosh Hashana Digest
  2. 1 Elul Video
  3. Radical Reinvention: Breaking Free of Limitations (mp3)
  4. Mother of the Child she Gave Away: Chana, Prayer & Non-Attachment (mp3)
  5. Hush Meditation (mp3)
  6. Hanna: Painting by Michael Hafftka (High resolution image of the original)

Yom Kippur Package

  1. Yom Kippur Digest
  2. Finding the Way Home: Repentance, Prayer and Charity (mp3 with accompanying PDF)
  3. Well Over the Past (mp3)
  4. Edited Recording of a Forgiveness Workshop Run at the Manhattan JCC (mp3)
  5. Live Teleconference: The Healing Power of Forgiveness (recording will be available afterwards on the web page)
  6. Divine Breath Meditation (mp3)
  7. Divestment Meditation (mp3)

Sukkot Package

  1. Sukkot Digest
  2. Finding Individuality within Unity (Video)
  3. Insights into Simchat Torah (Video)
  4. Mystical Understanding of Waving the Lulav (PDF)
  5. Four Species Meditation (mp3)
  6. Live Teleconference: Discovering Joy (recording available afterwards on the web page)

Here’s a PDF of the Happy New You Package.

Purchase Happy New You here.

Shimona Upstate NY





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