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2 Oct 2017

The Sukkaleh’s Song: Don’t Worry


Sukkah and Vine JLemThis is a beautiful Yiddish folk song about the Sukkah and how its fragility is analogous to the Jewish people’s mysterious survival despite thousands of years of oppression.

Video here and the Yiddish words with English translation below.



A sukkaleh a kleiner
Fun bretelach gemeiner
Hob ich mihr a sukkaleh gemacht.
Badecked dem dach
Mit a bisaleh schach
Sitz ich mihr in sukkaleh bai nacht.A vint a kalten
Blozt durch dih shpalten
Mein lechtelech zei leshen zich miht
Es is mihr a chidush
Ich mach mich Kiddush
Mein lechtelech zei brenen gantz shtil.
Tzum erhsten gericht
Miht a blasen gezicht
Breingt mihr mein tochterel arein.
Zi shtelt aveck
Un zogt miht shreckh
Tateleh dih sukkaleh falt balt ain,
Hob nisht kein mohrah
Hob nisht kein zahr
Zol dihr dih sukka niht einbahr
Es iz shoyn dohr
Var tzvei toisund yohr
Un dih sukkaleh zih shteit noch gantz fein
Es iz shoyn dohr
Var tzvei toisund yohr
Un dih sukkaleh zih shteit noch gantz fein
A sukkaleh stood
From some old boards of wood,
Ramshackle, barely upright.
The roof I fashioned
Of twigs and branches,
And I sit in the sukkaleh at night.A chill wind attacks,
Blowing through the cracks;
The candles flicker and yearn.
It is strange
That as I sing the Kiddush,
The flames calmly and quietly burn.
The first course is brought out
As the winds rage about
(And the candles flicker and wane.)
“Father, these walls
Are certain to fall,”
My daughter cries with worry and pain.
“Don’t worry,
Still your fears.
The sukkaleh will stand through the night.
The storms outside
Are sure to subside,
And the sukkaleh will stand through the night.
This sukkaleh’s been here
Now two thousand years…
The sukkah will stand through the night.