6 Jan 2013

This marriage thing is my one big failure

divorce-imageHow many people do you know who’d (albeit tacitly) agree that their lives are on track – except for their romantic relationship?  They may be happy with their career (or at least feel they’re on the ladder to success;) work out; eat right; have even managed to kick a bad habit.


The marriage thing eludes them.  Either they’re still looking for love or are in the relationship they thought would deliver happiness only to find themselves alone or lonely in love.  And for those who do say, “I’m happy,” the happiness is often simply a state of relief that they’re not in despair?

I’d venture to say that, “This marriage thing is my one big failure” is a phrase many of us can relate to.

With that in mind, I’ve created Gender Blender, a 3-part teleseminar to help you debunk your relationship myths and access the happiness that is available to you.

Gender BlenderNo marriage is without its challenges. And every good marriage has room to grow better. With fresh insight and a healthy dose of effort, you can overcome the challenges and foster the connection you yearn for.

“Gender Blender” will change the way you think about love and marriage. It will open your eyes to the true meaning of soul-mate and reveal what compels you to seek out a partner.  You’ll also learn how the different modalities of men and women contribute to the “tune” of your relationship.

With this new foundation you will be able to create a conscious marriage and generate the love you want.

This jam-packed live lecture includes Talmudic insights, mystical secrets and compelling stories.

“Gender Blender” offers a foretaste of Relationship Matters, The Method’s transformational course on love and marriage.

For now please enjoy this interview  with me on dating, love, marriage, and intimacy. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Ready to call in your Soul Mate?  To jumpstart your relationship?


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