Shimona Lighting Candles at the Russian Retreat
23 Jan 2017

Unlock Your Power to Pray


Join a Unique Prayer Circle

prayer circleAs women we embody a wealth of wisdom that arises from the essence of our soul. This intelligence is woven into every cell of our bodies. But many of us have been blinded to the inner light of our True Self. We’re severed from our core, exhausted and confused in our thinking and where we place our attention and value. We need to remember who we really are!

During their forty year sojourn in the desert, a pillar of cloud guided the Children of Israel on their journey. Imagine if you could feel some of that guidance and surrounded by thousands of woman who are longing for the same inner light as you are. Women longing to hear the song calling us home. Imagine a journey that could return you to the deep wisdom that is your birthright. That would empower all of us to reclaim our place as women – mothers, healers, leaders – of our lives, our families and our communities.

What if we collectively call forth our strength?

prayer circleLife has a way of presenting us with monumental challenges to overcome.  Sometimes we find the wisdom, power and courage to overcome those challenges, and oftentimes, all we can do is PRAY. Getting that is WISDOM.

Prayer is a central part of our lives, and one of the secrets of Jewish women throughout history!

How would you like to unlock your praying power and learn tools to enrich your service through prayer?

Join women from across the globe as we celebrate the possibilities that prayer can bring. We will discover how ancient women prayed, how they shaped history with their prayers, bring down blessings for each other and our communities and create our own modern-day legacy of prayer power!

My friend Chaya Sara Gurewicz has created just that, a global prayer circle where we can gather and draw down blessing. If you are ready to receive the light, wisdom and friendship, simply click on the link to enroll in her program now.


The Worldwide Prayer Circle

prayer circleWhen women gather from the four corners of the world, there’s no limit to what can happen! This Month, make a decision to get closer to the power that lies within you. See yourself growing among women who want to make a difference as you join an inspiring group of coaches, teachers, and healers!

The Worldwide Prayer Circle is a five-part course given over  the span of five months.  Once a month we will gather through teleconference and learn, journal, craft and share!  This once a month class will leave you filled with connection and inspiration to carry you through the long winter months.

I will be joining a remarkable group of co-presenters including Dr. Miriam Adahan and Yehudis Karbal amongs others.




Here is What You Will Receive:

  • Access to a Community Facebook Page where you will receive daily inspiration, interaction and support. Meet new friends from around the world.  Hear from other women how they pray and who inspires them. The Facebook group will be a sanctuary of connection, inspiration and support throughout the course and beyond.
  • Videos of crafts you can do to help ground your newfound learning and intentions
  • RECORDINGS of all classes Yes, if the timing of classes doesn’t work for you, you can listen on your own time!
  • Tools to incorporate song into your personal prayer
  • Free Access!

Course Date

  • March 29th, 1:00 pm (This class is presented in honor of the immediate Yeshua of Yechiel ben Shulamis Dobrush. I will be presenting on this session.)

How to Dial in

Dial in number: (641) 715-3570
Participant Code: 965615

If you resonate with taking your prayer to the next level, take your seat in The Circle and email Chaya Sara here >>

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