14 Jan 2019

Begin your Journey of Transformation with The Method for Self Mastery



Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Or, “Why do some people thrive and I struggle despite all my efforts?” Do you spend time studying yet fail to apply your learning to your life? And do you, through it all, hold on to that deep inner knowing that you have a unique gift with which to serve the world?

We all grapple with questions like these and the daily challenges life brings. We all feel the tension of the gap between where we are and where we know we can be. Wherever you are along the journey of life, we are in this together. As the saying goes, “The only people I know who have perfect lives are the ones I don’t know very well.” Life is not easy and many of us, if not most, feel drained and overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Sometimes people think I have it all together. I don’t! But – and it is a big “but” – I am streets ahead of where I once was. In fact, my program for personal transformation, The Method, grew out of my commitment to not only survive but thrive. I was determined to find more than book-answers. I wanted to bring all that wisdom into action in my own day-to-day life.

I believe that every one of us can attain self-mastery. Each of us can uncover our truest and highest self and give that to the world.

Not only can we but we have to – because when we free our True Self we liberate the whole WORLD.

Travelling by the Right Map

My bet is that in all likelihood it is not because of lack of effort that you feel stuck but rather because you do not have a user friendly map to travel by. Or…you just have to learn how to use the map you already have! We were given the tools to access the light of our soul and purpose in being here.

Through the guidance of gifted teachers I have spent the past thirty years learning and applying this timeless wisdom. From my studies, personal experience and my work with hundreds of clients over more than two decades, ‘The Method’ was developed. It’s a remarkably simple and practical program that uses Torah-based tools for self-mastery and personal transformation.

Although this wisdom has been difficult to access, now is the time to shine the light outwards. My intention in every audio file and course on the site is to do my part to bring Mashiach by helping you do just that, come home to yourself, create a beautiful and holy life, and live your highest purpose in service of our Creator.

The Method addresses such questions as:

Who am I really?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
What are the obstacles to healing?
How do I overcome the things that are blocking me?
What can I do to support my health?
How do I refine my base desires?
How do I balance all my varied obligations?
How do I become less reactive?
How do I create peace and happiness for myself and family?
What does G-d want of me each moment of each day?

The Way to Shine

On 24 Shevat, January 30, we begin a new semester of The Method. Together with a group of remarkable women, we will explore our souls, the world, the why and how of life with a specific emphasis on relationships (with G-d, ourselves and others.)

Together we make real and lasting change through a four-pronged approach:

Spiritual Intelligence: We learn to calm and control our minds through breath work, paying attention to our senses, visualization and cognitive meditations. All are downloadable to your device so that you can practice the exercises and visualizations at any time of day

Rational Intelligence: Audio and video files present deep ideas from our sages in simple, graspable ways

Emotional Intelligence: Live coaching is where we heal our hearts and learn to engage with others in a holy, healthy way

Behavioral Intelligence: We try out the weekly Suggested Steps and begin to apply the teachings to our lives

Begin the journey and receive practical, Torah-centered teachings and tools you can put into action right away.


You Will Receive:

The inspiration you need so that you can serve G-d in the way you are meant to with joy and vitality
An understanding of how you are built and what makes you tick
A supportive community of like-minded women
A space to heal your heart
Problem solving tools and principles that allow your relationships to flourish
A path to self forgiveness that is neither permissive nor indulgent but rather healing and empowering
Suggested Steps to help you bring The Method home in your everyday life
A closeness with G-d, connection with His purpose for you and the ability to carry that out with joy

The program includes:

8 live webinars
More than 52 new online lessons
Meditations you can download to your device
Audio Lessons
Suggested Steps
Interactive member conversations
6 month’s access
All for the sale price of $497


What could that inspiration, guidance and support do for your life? Our members are women who come from varied backgrounds. What we all have in common is a yearning for truth and a passion to serve and make our world a better place. With your commitment and your desire, I can help guide you. Please join me on this revolutionary journey to change yourself and repair the world…Really.



I recently finished “The Method Semester 1″ and could not be more happy. I have learned profound AND PRACTICAL insights which are with me every single day. More understanding, peace, clarity, joy, and I cannot say enough positive things. It has directly affected my life and choices in the very best and concrete ways. After completing this program, I had no doubt and immediately signed on for “Semester 2″. Spoil alert, it is fantastic too! I highly highly recommend “The Method”.”

Robin S

Shimona is a superb coach and a very wise teacher..She is so articulate that she makes clear deep concepts giving us life skills so that we can change ourselves and lead a more G-dly life. Her course is very professionally done and so rich in content that every time I review the material I find new gifts to ponder and wonder anew.Than you so much Shimona! May G-d bless you for your truly remarkable and life-changing course!”

Dalia Orlev

After completing “The Method Semester 1″ I can enthusiastically recommend this course. The Method has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of thinking and behaving, all based on the wisdom of the Torah and Kabbalah. Shimona has an amazing understanding of human nature and is able to share her wisdom in a very down-to-earth manner that touches the very essence of my soul. I am now enrolled in Semester 2 because Shimona has sparked a light within me that desires to grow and spurs me on to become the best person I can be, all within the framework of my Divine purpose.
Thank you Shimona for sharing your amazing abilities with all of us!

Audrey A

Meeting Shimona, for me, was truly Divine Intervention. Through her course, the Method, as well as private coaching sessions, I have gained a more clear direction and understanding of what my responsibilities are in life, and what are not mine to carry. She pulls from a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom and meets you where you’re at, giving inspired advice with love and honesty. I would not be on the path I am on without her encouragement, and I am deeply in gratitude for having her in my life.


Through The Method and a vast treasurehouse of holy offerings, Shimona’s breadth and depth of Torah knowledge is brought to any who are willing to open up and listen, receive and share. Shimona provides profound opportunities for deep healing, soul nourishment and actual life transformation. Her honored work, truly connected to a rich spiritual legacy is an obvious expression of her own life’s experience and thus, relatable to anyone called to face themselves and embrace their Creator. Whether one toe in or full body immersed, the benefits to improving ourselves and our world are available throughout Shimona’s teachings. With gentle honesty and sisterly love, my appreciation continues to grow for all that Shimona continues to give, allowing so many to access deep healing and necessary spiritual supplementation for ourselves, our families, the world at large and our relationship with G-d.

Tamar H

Shimona has an amazing gift to listen and to understand the challenges I am facing and to provide practical advice with great sensitivity. She has such great wisdom from both a religious as well as a secular perspective.
Thank you Shimona for coaching me and inspiring me to be more effective in my relationships and to living my life with a higher purpose.

Shirley Hirsch

Shimona is amazing. She is warm , understanding, and compassionate. She has true insight, which it is clear, is developed from a wealth of knowledge of the teachings of the great Masters. Along with a depth of character and a wealth of life experience. All this combined makes Shimona a power house of help and support. She is a tremendous help and someone that is valuable to have on your side.

Aaron A


Still wondering if The Method is for you? Watch this video to discover if it is.

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I’ve had the privilege to travel to many places around the world and each spot has taken me on a journey not only outwards but inwards to the landscape of my soul. That is my hope for us as we travel the path of The Method.

Blessings abundant to you and yours,


Yes really.


I am so looking forward.