19 Jun 2015

Charelston, Korach and the Age of Acquarius


Can a Desire for Universal Unity and Equality Create a Divide?

Charelston.PrayersThis morning confirmed for me why I don’t like to read the news till I’ve made headway with my day. The tragedy threw me for a loop.

Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people at prayer in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The slaughter was painfully reminiscent of the Har Nof massacre.

As a South African who grew up witnessing the horrors of Apartheid, I eagerly anticipated the equality and universal dignity the United States promised. To my dismay, I encountered – in some ways – worse race relations in this country than in the one I had left behind.

And to my eyes, the situation has only gotten worse. Who imagined that the racial divide in the USA would reach an all-time low under the leadership of an African American president?!

On last night’s monthly teleconference, I tried to address a tiny aspect of what I believe has brought us to this point.

Korach the Paragon of Universal Equality

In this week’s Torah portion, we read about Korach and his assembly and how they rebelled against the spiritual masters of their generation, Moses and Aharon.

Korach was the archetypical universalist. And we know that the entire purpose of the Torah is to bring peace and unity into this world. So why did G-d categorically reject his vision?

Click on the link below to hear my thoughts on the topic.

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