1 Jul 2015

From Sea to sea


SeaAt the conclusion of my year long Method program in 2013, I gave a profound class that explored the underpinnings of The Method and how I came to develop this unique approach to self-mastery. The class was based on a talk from the Lubavicher Rebbe that discussed the verse from Psalms:

“May he rule from sea to sea, and from the river until the ends of the earth.”

This verse is connected to the famous prophesy of Bilaam that is recounted in this week’s Torah portion of Balak. Listen to this excerpt of the class to gain some insight into the meaning of personal mastery and how it is linked to our global redemption:

Click HERE for the original Yiddish text of the Rebbe’s talk.

We’ll be posting the full class on our membership page for next month. Click HERE to get access to our monthly membership page.

To find out more about The Method, click HERE or contact our office HERE.

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