sinai rock mountain
28 May 2017

Did G-d Give the Torah at Sinai?


Or is the Claim Fake News?

Throughout history, skeptics have questioned whether G-d gave the Torah at Sinai.  With the entire notion of “fact” and “truth” in ambivalent fluidity as never before, that question rings louder than ever.

Counter-intuitively the glut of Fake News sheds light on the Giving of the Torah!

In the podcast below, I present a philosophical argument for the veracity of what happened at Sinai. We enter the discussion assuming the Giving of the Torah is Fake News. As you listen, ask yourself, “HOW could this lie have come to be? How did this story take hold in the public imagination?”

I hope that by the time you’re through listening, these words will make logical sense:

Such a fact (the Giving of the Torah) is certainly indisputable. I do not believe that there is another fact which can match it for evidence and accuracy. To deny such a fact is anything but scientific. It is the very opposite of science.”

Letters of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Vol 2, p. 14

The podcast was recorded together with Matisyahu Goren of The Long Short Way. To visit his site and hear his more, click here.

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