How To Free Yourself and Live The Life You're Being Called To

16 Jan 2019

How To Free Yourself And Live The Life You Are Being Called To (audio file & PDF handout)


A Step-by-Step Program

Wow! Over 160 sign-ups for our weekly Tanya and Parsha classes. This past week we explored what it takes to become truly free. Not a feel-good, laissez faire kind of freedom but one that is bound with meaning and purpose. The lesson was both deep and practical and I have received loads of emails about it. For those of you who have not yet signed up, here it is along with a PDF of the lesson notes for you to download. 

If you are interested in joining the free sessions, click here. You do not need to be on the call in person. I send out a mailing at the end of the week with download links. In the meantime, here you go, the audio and notes.

Audio Recording: Three Steps to Freedom

Lesson Notes

These are rough notes to use as you listen.

Download a PDF of the lesson notes by clicking here >>

This recording is written up as an article in my Haggadah Companion, Discovering Order in the Seder.

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This coming week we will be learning a teaching on the different philosophical approaches of 4 groups upon arrival at the Red Sea. They embody four classical responses to challenge.

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