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Discovering Order in the Seder

Discovering Order in the Seder

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A Haggadah Companion 

Whereas Pesach means to “pass over” and denotes disruption of order, Seder literally means “order.” In a sense the Passover Seder is an embodiment of our life’s mission to break out of exile in a way that honors the inherent order and purpose of creation.

The Haggadah Companion is designed to help you make sense of the Seder and tap in to the energy of freedom. The 50-page guide includes inspirational articles; insights on the 15 Steps of the Seder; a Kabbalistic explanation of the Seder Plate; an outline of the conceptual flow of the Haggadah enhanced with an easy-reference visual map; thought-provoking quotations on education; plus insights on how the Seder is relevant to your daily life.

This beautifully designed and illustrated Haggadah Companion will bring the Seder and Haggadah to life.

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The Passover Haggadah might appear to be random, associative and without intrinsic order. And, for many, to not have relevance to their lives. Enter the Haggadah Companion – a small book to place beside you on the table and assist you through the Seder, somewhat like stones in the water that help one cross a stream.

The companion was created to help you make sense of the Seder and find order and meaning in the complex text artfully structured by our sages. As a segue to that map, we have included a articles which demonstrate how the Seder is relevant today, some action items to help you apply those insights to your daily life plus more.

Your 48-page collection includes the following enriching and inspiring content:

  • 6  articles by Shimona Tzukernik and Rochel Holzkenner covering topics such as how to prepare spiritually for the Seder, education, leadership, surrender and more
  • An explanation of the 15 Steps of the Seder with a chart and accompanying article by Rabbi Yossi Jacobson
  • A Kabbalistic explanation of the Seder Plate as it parallels the Tree of Life with 3 beautiful illustrations
  • A Map of Maggid which explains the conceptual flow between the various passages in the Haggadah includes:
    • A 2-page visual flow chart
    • 8 pages of insight into the Map of Maggid
    • Extensive footnotes
  • A rich collection of quotations on education and the parent-child relationship



The Seder Companion is the perfect gift to educate and empower your community members to find new understanding and meaning in the structure of the Seder. The text is deep and intriguing; the art is beautiful and encourages reflection.”

Dr Chana Silberstein PhD, Director of Education Roitman Chabad Center, Owner Clarity Consulting

Discovering Order in the Seder, is a masterpiece that is long overdue.”

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, Director, Curriculum Development; Editor-in-Chief, JLI Flagship Courses; The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

Shimona has taken her art to a new level with her newly published Passover Haggadah.”

Sharone Goodman, Artist and Stylist

This Haggadah is a must-have for the contemporary reader.”

Rabbi Levi Kaplan, Director of Operations, The Rohr JLI

It’s unanimous. We both love love love it!!!!”

Heidi Ort, Artist, Owner Kiyor Gallery

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2 reviews for Discovering Order in the Seder

  1. Naftali Silberberg

    Shimona Tzukernik’s Haggadah companion, Discovering Order in the Seder, is a masterpiece that is long overdue. The expert weave of Kabbalistic ideas, practical insights, and inspirational gems will surely enrich and bring a sense of wholeness to many Seder tables. This companion will benefit all those who wish to personally experience—rather than simply commemorate—the Exodus from Egypt.

  2. Shalhevet

    Shimona, I absolutely love this Haggadah companion. It is so well written. Your passion shines through it all. I especially like how the Tree of Life is embedded in the Seder plate. May we all experience individual freedom this coming Pesach in a deep, lasting, and contagious way!

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