22 Sep 2014

On Gratitude & Setting Stronger Boundaries


boundariesI’ve been learning this lesson for what feels to be about a year but has probably been going on for longer. Before the summer it became engrained much more deeply. But it didn’t strike home. I guess we have to be ready for messages and insights. Nothing BIG happened today- subtle stuff – but the lesson that I have to set stronger boundaries finally hit home strong:

  1. (Most) People (not YOU of course) don’t appreciate what they get for free. (I include freebies and added bonuses in the same pile.)
  2. (Most) People (not YOU of course) want to share contact info only cos of what they have to sell. Not to collaborate or experience what other am (humbly and gratefully) done with over-delivering in the way I have been.
  3. I’m not going to keep on giving to (most) people (not YOU of course) in the way that I have up till now.(I hope!)

I’m thinking of running a Gratitude Teleconference and letting folks pay what they like. As a sort of social experiment in gratitude, giving and setting boundaries. Will see where that thought takes me over the next few days.

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