28 Nov 2014

Manipulation versus Strategizing


What’s the difference? And where do you stand?

ManipulationHave you ever played that Isaac Azimov game? It’s based on the idea that we describe the very same behavior very differently based on who the actor is. Here’s an example:

  • She’s secretive
  • You’re guarded
  • I’m discreet

Or another:

  • She’s miserly
  • You’re cheap
  • I’m frugal

We tend to view our own actions with a much gentler eye than those of others. And when it comes to “manipulating” versus “strageziging” it’s no different.

Each week on our Group Coaching call, I begin with a thought from the Torah portion that participants can use in their daily lives for the week ahead. This week we spoke about Jacob’s journey to Haran and what we can learn from his dealings with his uncle – and then father-in-law – Lavan.

He is known as Lavan Ha’arami which means Lavan the Aramean. A literal translation of his name renders The White Trickster. Lavan was the embodiment of manipulation and trickery. And Yaakov, whose core attribute was Truthfulness, had to deal with him for 20 years!

I edited out this excerpt from the coaching and uploaded it for you on the player below.

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