5 Jan 2015

Dream Coaching


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Creation Begins In Chaos; A Dream Coaching Course

Shimona (11)Do you know that cliched line about happy people?  I’m referring to the one that goes, “The only happy people are the ones I don’t know very well!”

Well, it’s overused cos it’s true! One of our Method Isms is:

“Creation begins in chaos.”

That’s code for the fact that there’s no way to avoid chaos. I mean, if G-d’s entire creation began that way…then why on earth would we expect anything different from ourselves?!

But that idea doesn’t stand in isolation. Another Ism is:

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering’s a choice.”

There is a way to navigate life-circumstances so that even if you’re sad, you’ll never not be happy.

Sound out of reach? There is a way to attain this inner peace, vitality and purpose. Others have. Through The Method, Private Coaching and now Group Coaching, I’m sharing the principles I formulated in my own personal struggle to not only survive but thrive.

Two participants from our last group gave permission for me to post some coaching we did exploring their dreams so that you could share the healing.* I use a technique many associate with Yung but which in my understanding exemplifies a mystical approach to dream analysis. (You can listen to the original class on Dream Analysis here.) Here’s the player for you to listen to that live coaching:


Thank you Leanne and Stacey!

Like what you heard? One participant had this to say about our coaching work:

Simply put, our work together has been the most powerful, effective tool for self-actualization and growth that I have ever engaged in — and I have done a lot. I’m a spiritual healing junkie.

Our next group begins in just a few hours. Nine of ten participants from last session have rejoined and we have 6 fabulous new members in the group. That leaves 5 spots open.

You can purchase Group Coaching here.

This group is for you if:

  • You’ve tried everything but still find yourself stuck
  • You want to get to the core of who you are and what your purpose is
  • You enjoy learning from others as they share their challenges and growth
  • You wish you could take Private Coaching but find that funds are tight right now
  • You want inside-out, lasting solutions to your challenges and to access a joy and peace that last

Check out the full description of Group Coaching here. Here’s the scoop:

  • Group size is limited so everyone receives personal attention
  • We meet weekly and share our journey
  • You also have access to a group forum where you get to take the coaching to the next level
  • All this for $30/session – only a fraction of the cost of Private Coaching
  • Only 5 spots still available!

Reserve your spot here.

I look forward to connecting in a little while.

* Please note, this is not a class on dream analysis. Group Coaching incorporates all the techniques I have created to deliver healing including Tribe Work, Sefirotic Hats and more. Both techniques and topics vary from session to session and between clients.


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