3 May 2016

Finally Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!


Become Comfortable Being YOU
with our Transformational Group Coaching Program

group coaching
My mission is to help each individual’s True Self emerge using Kabbalah-based tools for personal transformation. And Group Coaching fits right in there! It’s intimate, live and enhanced by each of your unique voices. In this way it enables you to identify what’s really driving you on the inside – which in turn generates self-mastery and the change we all desire.

We begin tomorrow night and there are still a few spots left.

The benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Identify your passion and purpose
  • Discover unanticipated solutions to help you emerge from your personal exiles
  • Experience a rich cross pollination of ideas
  • Increase your ability to reach your goals
  • 3-4 people coached per call
  • An opening stress release exercise
  • Access to a premium  forum where you can take the learning to the next level, really bringing it down through interaction with other members of the Kabbalah Coach Community
  • Weekly Suggested Steps to focus you and help you shift
  • Optional work with a CoCoachMe partner
  • Being listened to in a nonjudgmental environment
  • A sense of community and shared experience
  • Increased Self Mastery

All this for $120. That’s $20/week including calls, archives, handouts, a group forum and more.

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What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching combines the benefit of private coaching with the richness, subtlety and power of the group. In a shared environment you realize that you’re not alone. You experience a group synergy. And as you listen to others being coached, you will find that you can apply their lessons to your own life. These realizations are often fresh and powerful as they’re coming to you in unexpected ways.

Group Coaching allows you to benefit from the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs of other participants. You tap into a collective group wisdom and gain both insight and tools to help you live your highest purpose. On the forum you will receive feedback from your peers as they open you up to new possibilities. Plus you find that you have much to offer others even in the midst of your own challenges.

And you get six weeks at less than the cost of one individual session. For $120, that’s $20/week, you receive the live calls, archives, handouts, a group forum and more.

Experience the Rich and Gentle Transformation of Group Coaching >>


What to Expect:

  • One weekly webinar from 9:00-10:15pm EDT (You can dial in or connect via the web for a more visual experience)
  • Limited group size to allow for personal connection
  • A moment of silence and personal prayer at the start of each lesson (1 min)
  • A weekly exercise or visualization to help you de-stress and connect within (4 min)
  • A teaching from Ethics of Our Fathers (10-15 min)
  • 3-4 women coached per call (55-60 min)
  • A weekly Suggested Step for homework to keep you focused and moving forward
  • Access to the premium Group Coaching forum moderated by Shimona
  • The support of an optional CoCoachMe partner
  • Each webinar uploaded to private Group Coaching course pages
  • A weekly lesson handout uploaded to the course page

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Group Coaching is for you if you:

  • Yearn to live your highest life
  • Are seeking spiritually based transformation
  • Are ready to move beyond your comfort zone
  • Are finally ready to shed comparing yourself to others
  • Are finally ready to be comfortable being you but don’t know how
  • Have a Growth Opportunity you’re ready to transform
  • Enjoy the subtle richness offered by a variety of perspectives
  • Want to give as well as receive

YES, I’m ready to shed comparing myself to others and want to live
my highest, truest life >>


I am very much looking forward to greeting you on the call.

Shimona in OrangeFrom strength to strength,


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