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Faith Under Fire

Faith Under Fire


Finding Meaning In Moments of Crises

We are all affected by hardship, tragedy and loss.  But whereas pain is inevitable suffering is a choice.

Your challenges don’t have to throw you into a pit of darkness and misery.  There are ways to find meaning and purpose within moments of crisis.

Find out how to nourish your faith, put your pain in perspective and even convert the darkness to light.



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Faith Under Fire

Finding Meaning in Moments of Crisis

“Faith Under Fire” is a recording of a live lecture in honor of Gabriel and Rivka Holzberg who were murdered in Mumbai.

It is a meditative journey through the why and meaning of suffering.

You will explore what it means to accept the inevitability of pain and whether there is ever a benefit in allowing yourself to enter the darkness.  Once you reframe your understanding of hardship you will find you have more energy and joy and even begin to use your pain as an impetus for change.

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