Private Coaching

Private Coaching

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The Kabbalah Coach One-on-One

Many of us spend time and money in search of success, happiness, and inner peace. Yet despite our sincere effort, we find ourselves stuck.

What if you could learn to ask the kind of questions that drive your life forward and discover radically refreshing concepts that literally give you a new lease on life?  What if you could find a new sense of purpose and  a way of reaching your goals?

Join the hundreds of people who have benefited from working with Shimona in a 50-minute private session and experience  a personalized application of The Method that delivers meaning, purpose and peace.



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Shimona offers private coaching sessions that offer all the transformation of The Method tailor-made to each individual.

This is not conventional coaching.  It is not just about your career, setting goals, accountability, manifesting your dreams, personal or professional success, a better marriage, happier kids and the like.  It gets to the core of who you are and why you are.  And that changes everything.

Method Coaching is a therapeutic application of mystical wisdom.  It allows you to understand the forces that drive your life, to delve into your past, and access inner voices.  More significantly, it helps you retrace your sense of self back to its Source so that you can find peace with your past and live differently in this moment and on.

You’ll get to examine your whole self in a refreshingly new way that takes into account the archetypal blueprint of reality and how it maps onto your inner psyche.  In fact, many people find that one hour alone allows for dramatic shifts in perspective and produces lasting change.

  • 50 minutes per session
  • Meet by phone, webcam or in person
  • Upon purchasing this product you will receive an automated response with a link from which you can schedule your session.

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6 reviews for Private Coaching

  1. Dobra

    Shimona’s ability to wade through the extraneous and get to the core is always amazing to me. She has so much wisdom to draw upon. Her insights are deep and thoughtful followed up with practical suggestions based on Kabbalistic teachings.
    She brings such a new perspective to “the same old” stuff. She “gets” me!
    I am so thankful to be able to work with you! With love and appreciation.

  2. Devori (verified owner)

    What Shimona has taught me has really transformed my life. I am so so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with her and to gain the insight and knowledge that she has shared with me!
    Thank you Shimona I am forever grateful.

  3. Rochel Holzkenner

    Shimona, your coaching is both deeply empathic and sharply insightful. When sharing with you my challenges you have help me understand myself and the people I interact with with fresh eyes, with a deeper understanding. Over the years of working with you, these insights have become pearls of wisdom that I treasure deeply and have influence the path of my life. You suggest practical steps for growth and when I’ve implemented them I have changed. Shimona I would not be the woman I am today without your coaching. Thank you!

  4. Leah

    Dear Shimona,
    I just want to thank you. As I’m getting ready mentally and spiritually for the holidays, I realize that I am in such a better place then I was this time last year. I know there is much further to go, but thanks to you and G-d, I really feel different. I look forward to praying this year!

  5. Robin

    Once again, Shimona hit the nail on the head in her coaching. I talked, she listened, then she pulled out a simple idea from her deeply insightful listening, that has taken front and center seat in my life right now. In the best way.
    I am deeply grateful to Shimona. Just a small amount of time I spent with her, and her impact has stayed closely and so very precious to me ever since. It has been SOOO Powerful!! Shimona herself is a precious gift.

  6. Susan

    Shimona is an exceptional coach empathetic and able to reach core issues quickly and offer sensitive ways to address issues with warmth and brilliance. She gave such food for thought and I feel blessed to be working with her. She should be a part of the journey for anyone struggling with ways of serving G-d with joy – especially following a traumatic condition in one’s life. Thank you Shimona

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