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Parenting from the Inside Out

Parenting from the Inside Out


You, Your Child, and the Child in You

From birth through adolescence and beyond, the job of being a parent can be all consuming. But being that invested doesn’t always mean you’re doing it right.

What are the most important values to instill in your child and how can you transmit those messages effectively? This lecture will help you identify your child’s needs and the unique gifts you as a parent have to offer. Along the way, you will find ways to liberate your own inner child.

A text-rich PDF accompanying the audio-file includes a new translation of a holy prayer for one’s children, the Tree of Life and a corresponding mystical prayer, a teaching on education and motivation and notes from a lecture on parenting.


While the joy and rewards of parenting are priceless, every parent knows that raising children is sometimes exasperating and often challenging.

Whether you’re dealing with toddler tantrums or teenage mood swings; trying to coax your kids to eat their greens, protect them from unhealthy peer pressure, or give them a sense of purpose and direction, questions and challenges abound.

In part, that’s because raising happy, and purposeful children demands those very same things of us.

“Parenting from the Inside Out” will help you do just that – parent from the inside out! Through attending to the inner dynamics at play both in yourself and your child, you will find that you parent with greater clarity and focus to raise happier, more purposeful kids and generate peace in your home.


  • 1 Mp3 Download
  • 1 6-page PDF with:
    • A new translation of a Shela’s holy prayer for one’s children
    • The Tree of Life and a corresponding mystical prayer
    • A translation of part of Maimonides’ introduction to Perek Chelek which speaks of motivating children from toddlers to adulthood
    • My notes from a lecture on parenting, “Fostering Peace and an Emotionally Healthy Family: How to Raise Caring and Compassionate Children”

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