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Happy New You

Happy New You

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Living the High Holidays

Do the High Holidays take you by surprise each year? Do you find yourself exclaiming:

“This is real. Elul is half over. But did it even start yet for me?”

The spiritual preparations for the High Holidays don’t just “happen.” They have a way of being so meek, so accommodating that they’re pushed aside by every to-do under the sun.

Grab this opportunity to bring the deeper meaning of the High Holidays alive for you. So that they are as real and tactile for you as your honey cake batter.

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Every year we struggle with the preparations for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. This year can be different.

The “Happy New You” High Holiday series will give you the insight and tools to emerge from the holiday season with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity for the coming year. You will learn about the prayers and rituals for the high holidays so that each festival comes alive for you. And you’ll explore the meaning of repentance, renewal and joy so that the light of the festivals continues with you throughout the year.

This content rich series includes 6 video lectures, 6 audio lessons, 4 meditations, a PDF of the painting “Hanna” by world renowned artist Michael Hafftka, plus lots more including a host of articles, charts and Suggested Steps. You’ll also gain access to a private group forum where you can share your process and thoughts with others.

The “Happy New You” series delivers inspiration in a user-friendly format you can put into action right now.

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2 reviews for Happy New You

  1. Chana Schoenberg

    I would like to recommend the Yom Kipper Package which I recently received and definitely enhanced my experience during the most holiest of days. What I particularly liked about it, is Shimona so creatively puts together different sensory modalities into the presentation. The more sensory input there is in an event/ritual the more memorable it is. For example, there was a beautiful song by Leonard Cohen ” Who by Fire”, influenced by the U’netaneh Tokef prayer; being an old Leonard Cohen fan it was very meaningful for me. Also, included was a melody by Chava Alberstein who did a beautiful rendition of Ki Hinei Ke’Chomer. Further, I loved the personal story about Shimona’s friend “Penelope” and when not to forgive, in the “Butcher and the Bone”. I am looking forward to more insights in the Succot package and other presentations in the future which have this unique interplay of music, poems and personal stories. Perhaps Chanukah?

  2. Shalhevet (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great package…Happy New You. I love all the information, meditations, songs, artwork, etc. It is helping me work through some issues and really prepare me this year for the High Holidays. I have been angry at Hashem and you are helping me work through that and see a more true perspective of my life. Gmar Chasima Tovah!

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