Tribe Work

Tribe Work

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Mastering your multiple voices

How do you reconcile the constant confusion of conflicting voices resounding in your mind?

Each one has its place but we must recognize our core identity in order to healthily parent and give voice to them all.

In this module you’ll take a look at the Twelve Tribes in the Bible and explore how they represent twelve aspects of your personality.

You’ll examine the interrelationship between these aspects, and discover how to look after your parts from the perspective of your essential self, learning to function as an integrated, whole being.

Audio Preview: The Eagle

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Tribe Work is the second in our Freedom series, which began with Talent Trap.

This course will present you with a refreshing approach to liberating yourself from the many conflicting perspectives that make up your personality. This method of relating to the different aspects of yourself enables you to step back, observe and identify the multiple dimensions of your being.

Explore the description of each of the tribes in the Bible and how they represent twelve ways that we manifest in the world.

Through naming these tribes within yourself, you become able to redeem yourself from their exile.

You will learn to get in touch with the still point within your being that hovers above all the tribes so you can honor each one individually. When you identify with that solid core of your identity, you are able to give voice to each of these dimensions and contain them all.

Audio Preview: The Tribes

Audio Preview: Naming Parts


  • 2 Audio Lessons: Naming Tribes, A Tribe Inside
  • 1 Coaching Call: Accepting Joe
  • 1 Suggested Steps: Tribal Techniques

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module



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  1. Rochel

    Learning tribe work has been effective in helping people isolate an identity that they may be hiding or repressing. It trains your thinking to be very precise, compassionate and oriented towards transformation.

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