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Sefirotic Hats

Sefirotic Hats

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$45.00 for 1 year

Access Your Own Transformative Wisdom

Most of us feel crippled by our limited perception. For this reason we seek advice from outsiders and experts.

But what if you learned that the ability to view your situation from every angle is already inside you? If you could just learn to “change your hat,” you could gain transformative perspective on your challenges in life.

The Sefiortic Hats is a practical, life-changing tool that shows you how to uncover the answers you seek within yourself.

Audio Preview: Anger to Humility


Sefirotic Hats is the third of our Soulscape courses, which began with The Tree of Life.

The Sefirot are fundamental Kabbalah concepts relating to how every aspect of the universe exists and functions – including you.

This module explores a new way to understand the Sefirot using colors, allowing you to relate to these mind-bogglingly deep concepts from your heart, as well as your head.

We learn to think like an animal, by allowing our minds to roam around and observe a situation from multiple perspectives.  We explore the perspectives of each of the colored Sefirotic Hats and how you can use them to solve problems and overcome challenges in your life.

The Sefirotic Hats method helps us  learn to hold the duality in ourselves and live from a place of essential freedom.

The Module Includes:

  • 1 Video: Sefirotic Hats Slideshow
  • 1 Audio Lesson: Sefirot in Action
  • 1 Coaching Call: Hidden Fears
  • 1 Suggested Steps: Think Like an Animal

“I have used the sefirotic hats method many times with my teenage son.  You couldn’t do better sitting in a session with a therapist to have a tool like that to use with your kid.” 

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module


1 review for Sefirotic Hats

  1. Sandra Sadon .Miami

    Learning to use the Sefirotic hat technique is a most! Is a great practical tool not only to enhance any type of comunication and interaction .. But also to identify our own thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns that leads to self transformation..

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