Dual Identity

Dual Identity

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Discovering the Souls Within You

Did you know that within you lies not just one soul, but two?

Each of your souls have different characters and drives, and often you feel the anxiety of them tugging you in opposite directions. Sometimes they can almost tear you apart.

In this module, you face up to the duality of your identity, and unlock the gifts of both your souls.

Audio Preview: Mind and Heart

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Dual Identity is the second of our Identity courses, which began with the Iffy-Sticky Self.

This course explores the dual identity that makes up your psyche. Yes, it’s true. You have two souls.

We don’t just talk about this fascinating concept, you actually experience the building of the feelings and behaviors of both your souls, through a guided meditation.

You will also examine your two souls and the interplay between them.  Explore the spiritual origin of both souls, their character, their drive, and how they show up in your personality.  By understanding two analogies that are given for the G-dly soul, you will be able to appreciate the unadulterated, boundless energy within the core of your identity.

And the final exercise is the big revelation: get in touch with your animal soul and learn how you can identify which soul is motivating your behavior at any time.

Audio Preview: Memory


  • 1 Video: Dual Identity Slideshow
  • 3 Audio Lessons: Mind control, A Breath of G-d, The Passionate Ego
  • 1 Suggested Step: Flow from Self to Self

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module



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