Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters

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Novel Perspectives on Familiar Relationships

Relationships are complicated, that much you know.

But did you know that they are a G-dly construct and not just a matter of social convention?

Every relationship has the opportunity for growth, provided we surrender our ego and are cognizant of the larger picture.

In this course you will learn about the relationship cube and how our relationships – with others, ourselves and G-d – create the foundation for all other relationships in our lives. You will learn how to love others unconditionally,  and how to set boundaries in order to facilitate healthy connections.

Audio Preview: Divine Space

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Relationship Matters is the first course in our Connection category.

This course explores the relationships we encounter in our lives and how we can approach them more affectively.

It presents the relationship cube model, portraying six primary relationships on each side, ourselves in the center, and the entire cube floating in Divine space.

How can viewing your relationships within a Divine context shift the way you engage in them?

Is it possible to completely accept someone’s flaws, while wanting them to change for the better?

Discover the secrets to unconditional love and acceptance and valuable tools to facilitate healthy and loving connection.

Audio Preview: Contradictory Love

Audio Preview: Essence


  • 1 Video: Relationship Matters Slideshow
  • 5 Audio Lessons: Relationship Cube, Headquarters, Divine Space, Unconditional Love, Jewel Tools
  • 3 Suggested Steps: Acceptance, Insecurity, Parented by G-d



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