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Esther Unmasked


Esther Unmasked

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Dove in a Golden Cage

Some think of Esther as docile, even oppressed, and Vashti as the empowered heroine of the Purim story. Is that accurate? Why is she described as a dove in a golden cage? Known as the hidden queen, was Esther perhaps the ultimate people person?  And how might her sacrifice change the way you approach life today?

Delve into Queen Esther’s side of the Purim story and discover how her vision can enrich and transform yours. A rich 80-page downloadable book, available for the first time in this format, and a forty minute lecture will be your guide.




Esther and the Story of Purim for Life Today

Meet the real Queen Esther: Doubly orphaned at birth; adopted by her uncle; crowned against her will and isolated in a glittering palace for years.

She is described as a dove in a golden cage. Yet her influence was vast and deep, and extends across the years to our lives today.

This downloadable book and audio recording bring to life the woman who understood the unique mission of every human being. Her journey and story will inspire you, teach you and guide you towards living life from the inside-out.


  • 1 80-page PDF Virtual Book. “The Book of Esther” was written by Shimona Tzukernik from the lectures of her teacher Rebbetzin Yehudis Heller obm.
  • 1 Mp3 Lecture Download of a live lecture given by Shimona

Our audio CD’s find their fullest expression in The Method, a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in ancient mystical teachings. See the full curriculum here or try our free Meet The Method module.



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