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Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah

Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah


Moving Beyond The Self

Sometimes giving of ourselves is confused with giving ourselves up.

Can we give without losing our Self? And does going beyond our comfort zone inevitably mean we enable those we care about?

Perhaps, counterintuitively, giving is the way we manifest our deepest self.

Find out how three Biblical women navigated going beyond personal agenda and how their wisdom and courage cleared pathways to a deeper life for all of us.




Rebecca risked losing her husband’s love and incurring the hatred of her son. Rachel let go of her wedding night dreams; and relinquished a burial place with the love of her life. Leah longed for a love the world was not yet ready for.

Three women. Three lives. One theme.

This lecture explores the wondrous power of surrender in three different women’s lives.  We discover that counterintuitively, through letting go of ego desires, we can meet a deeper need within our own soul and thereby enable those we love to be their best selves too.

This lecture includes Hebrew words and terms and requires some familiarity with the Biblical texts.

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