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Identifying and Aligning Your Motivations

Love and fear are the two emotions that motivate almost everything you do.

So the essential question is: Which is motivating you right now?

This course shows you how to identify your motives, and takes you to a place beyond intention, where a higher truth will liberate you from never-ending questions of action and motivation.

Audio Preview: Resisting Nature


Mindfulness is the second of our Purpose courses.

This course explores mindfulness and how it determines the meaning and outcome of our actions.  Love and fear are the two most powerful motivating emotions. They can both be expressed in holy and unholy ways.

So this is the question you must constantly ask yourself: What is motivating you right now?

But this course travels far beyond that essential question.

Together we will visit a realm where neither our actions nor our intentions are intrinsically meaningful. It is only G-d Who gives them infinite meaning.

Nothing can liberate us from our need for perfection more than a solid grounding in these principles.


  • 1 Video: Mindfulness Slideshow
  • 3 Audio Lessons: Driving our Deeds, Loving Fear, Impact
  • 1 Suggested Steps: Generating Intent
  • 1 Meditation: Skin to Light Meditation

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module



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