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Radical Reinvention

Radical Reinvention


Break free of your limitations

Despite your sincere efforts to grow and change, have you sometimes felt like you’re hitting a brick wall?

Perhaps the problem is not something external blocking your way, but what’s holding you back inside.

This double audio class walks you through the six key factors holding you back, and how to break free of them.


Radical Reinvention

How to Break Free of the Factors that Limit You

It’s no simple matter to become conscious of what’s holding you back from living the life you are capable of.  But whether or not you’re aware of those factors, they define and limit you in everything you do.

Ultimately each limitation can be overcome and even help you live a fuller, happier and deeper life.

“Radical Reinvention” will open your eyes to the long-held burdens you never even knew you were carrying.  When relieved of this “baggage,” you will be free to continue your journey with a renewed sense of responsibility and vitality.

The recording includes deep insights and compelling stories.  It forms the basis of our groundbreaking course Open Shut and is a great way to experience a foretaste of The Method.


  • 2 Mp3 Downloads
  • 1 PDF chart

Our audio CD’s find their fullest expression in The Method, a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in ancient mystical teachings. See the full curriculum here or try our free Meet The Method module.



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