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Joy is an Inside Job

Joy is an Inside Job


Getting a Grip on Real  Happiness

As much as we all pursue happiness, it constantly  seems to allude us.  Perhaps it is because, we don’t know what happiness really is.  Or perhaps we’re trying too hard?

Get to the core of what joy is about and discover how you can hold on to it, despite the challenges that life may bring your way.  Begin to live your life with a sense of contentment and inner peace.

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Joy is an Inside Job

Getting a Grip on Real Happiness

According to the mystics, being joyous is not merely a right, it’s an obligation.

But can happiness be mandated?! Can you command a feeling at all? And might it be that it’s precisely our obsession with feeling good that has us all miserable?

Through poignant and humorous stories and profound insights, “Joy is an Inside Job” will open your eyes to what it takes to be truly happy.

You will learn about the connection between Unity and Joy; between thought and emotion; and the spiritual equivalent of blinding light. With these new insights, you will be able to tap into inner reservoirs of joy at all times and live your life with inner peace.

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