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Beyond the Zodiac

Beyond the Zodiac


Transcend the Astrological Forces that Govern your Life

What's Written in the Stars for You?

Some people plan their life around their horoscope. Others dismiss astrology as total nonsense.
In fact, astrological forces do influence your life, but not in the way most people think.

Find out the true significance of your star sign and its relationship to your destiny.

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Faith Under Fire

Transcend the Astrological Forces that Govern your Life

The mystics tell us not to pay attention to astrological influences, but also speak of a month full of good fortune. How do we reconcile these concepts?  Do the stars and constellations really hold power?  If they do, are we chained to the destiny they determine for us?

“Beyond the Zodiac” addresses this dichotomy and clarifies the Kabbalistic perspective on the zodiac.  You will learn to identify what astrological forces govern your life and what you can do to live beyond the influence of the zodiac.

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Our audio CD’s find their fullest expression in The Method, a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in ancient mystical teachings.  See the full curriculum here or try our free Meet The Method module.



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