Open Shut 2: Beyond Nature

Open Shut 2: Beyond Nature

$74.88 for 1 year

The Final Frontier of Mastery

On the far side of all efforts at self-development, lies the final frontier – your mind.

When you truly understand your mind and master its powers, you have the power to shape the kind of life you will live. But is this even possible?

There is a Method. Let our Patriarch Abraham be your guide.

Audio Preview: Crisis

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In the previous course in this series, Open Shut 1: Beyond Nurture, we learned tools for overcoming old baggage that holds us back from living the life we want.

But an even higher level of liberation is possible, when we learn to overcome not just our history, but our very nature.

Is it truly possible to let go of the limitations of your subconscious will, your emotional nature, and even your mind?  Beyond that final frontier is where true self-mastery is found.

Once again the Biblical Patriarch Abraham will be your guide, as you journey to a place of redemption from mental exile.

You will begin to en-vision a life for yourself that you never dreamed possible.

Audio Preview: Beyond Time

Audio Preview: Suffering

Course Includes:

  • 6 Audio Lessons: Pathologizing Pain, Beyond Time, Minding Your Mind, Steps towards change, Surrender of Self, The Continuous Journey
  • 10 Coaching Calls: Inner Voice, Positive Thinking, The Healthy One, Positive Parenting, Capability, Individuality, Criticism, The Golden Child, Mother’s Bond, Memory
  • 5 Suggested Steps: Abraham’s Journey, Thought Idols, Going Out of My Mind, Unfuse From Your Thoughts, Extending the Poems

This module is a part of The Method for Self-Mastery. If you are new to the Method and would like to learn what it’s all about, try our free Meet The Method module



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