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Helpmates, Harlots and Heroines

Helpmates, Harlots and Heroines


A Refreshing Perspective On Four Biblical Women

Many of us perceive the women of the Bible to be spineless servants. Or possibly as brave women who defied societal norms – but were consequently branded as “harlots.”

Is it possible that they are actually heroines? Are they, perhaps, women who defy the limits of our imagination and afford us a glimpse of the bold choices available to each of us today?

Join in an open exploration of their lives and their meaning for us today.




What can you learn from the wide spectrum of female personalities described in the Bible?

This live lecture introduces you to four biblical women and their dreams, passions and struggles.

As you learn about their lives, you will draw inspiration and gain tools for how to handle similar challenges and manifest similar hopes in your life today.

Format: 1 Mp3 Download

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