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Soul Flames – The Kabbalah of Candles

Soul Flames – The Kabbalah of Candles


The Shabbat candles as a metaphor for the soul

The image of Shabbat candles carry deep sentiment and nostalgia. What is it about the candle that makes it so symbolic of Jewish life? The mystics trace their origin all the way back to the primordial Garden of Eden. Learn about the inner dimension of these flames and their connection to your soul and purpose.


Soul Flames

The Shabbat Candles as a Metaphor for the Soul

Kabbalah describes a flame as a powerful metaphor for the human spirit. But the Shabbat candles are more than metaphor. “Soul Flames” presents Aggadic lore and mystical insights coupled with stories that range from humorous to poignant. Their collective message will help you access the inner light of the Shabbat candles and kindle a spark within your own soul. You will learn about the dimensions of a candle and its remarkable parallel in the make-up of your soul. You will discover where the flames fit into the cosmic scheme of things, and what they’ve got to do with your life today.
Includes: 1 downloadable audio recording in mp3 format
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